How to design an epic outdoor kitchen


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If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor dining game, transforming your basic barbecue area into a sleek outdoor kitchen can be just the ticket! Whether you consider yourself a meat smoking master or are dreaming of woodfired pizzas at your fingertips, an outdoor kitchen is a great way to spend more time outside and provides a space to gather with family and friends. So, if you’re ready to create the epic outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, keep reading for some hot tips!

Before you throw out the old BBQ, make a plan for your new outdoor kitchen 

Spending a bit of time planning your dream outdoor kitchen before you start designing the space will help you strike the perfect balance between function and style. Before you start designing your kitchen make sure you:

  1. Consider how you want to use your outdoor kitchen

The first thing to consider before you start designing your kitchen is your goals for upgrading the space. Do you envision a few friends gathering on the deck for casual drinks? Are you an avid foodie who loves to cook restaurant-quality meals for a whole tribe? Having a clear vision of how you will use your kitchen will give you a better idea of what kind of appliances you will need and how to best prioritise the limited space. 

2. Nail the functional layout

Once you have decided on what your grand plans for your kitchen are (and have ideally run them by your significant other) it’s time to map out the basic layout of the area. Consider the relationship between your      indoor and outdoor kitchens when designing the layout and position of your appliances accordingly. Will your outdoor kitchen be fully equipped with a range of appliances? Or will you need easy access to your kitchen appliances indoors? Keep in mind that your prep benches, fridge, and barbecue should be in close proximity so you can easily prepare your meals.

Design a kitchen for all seasons

To avoid wild weather ruining your outdoor dinner party, ensure that your kitchen is positioned to be protected from the elements. Whether you need to invest in a canopy or have a sheltered spot in mind, you’ll be grateful that you designed your kitchen to be protected from the wind, rain or scorching summer sun. 

Complete the look beautiful outdoor furniture

More than just a place to grill meat, your new kitchen should be a feature of your home that feels comfortable and inviting. Finishing touches such as furniture and homewares are the key to creating the right ambiance in your outdoor kitchen. From a large dining table that you can gather the whole family around, such as our Teak Tapered Leg Table, or some stylish homewares to add a pop of colour. Whatever you plan to use your outdoor kitchen for, the furnishings you choose can tie the whole space together. 

Whether you’re designing a new luxury kitchen on your deck or are simply looking to refresh your outdoor spaces, Daydream Leisure Furniture is your one-stop-shop for all things outdoor furniture. Visit us in store at our Warana or Noosaville showrooms or contact us through our website.

How the Nardi furniture range is a game-changer in outdoor furnishing


The Nardi outdoor name is growing in popularity across Australia and the world. Why? Because it’s affordable, long-lasting, and oozes Italian style. The Nardi brand started in 1990 in Vicenza Italy, and after 29 years, the company is still distinguishing itself with high-quality materials and innovative designs that complement any space. 

The Nardi product range centred around high-quality polypropylene, a thermoplastic resin, due to its functionality, flexural strength and aesthetic. The product range covers a wide range of residential and commercial furniture needs, including dining furniture, garden settings, poolside lounges and a vast range of outdoor tables and chairs.

At Daydream Leisure Furniture, we stock an enormous range of outdoor furniture and accessories, including a high-quality range designed by us (you can read more about that here). And while the Nardi range is just one of our brands on offer, we think it deserves a shout-out as it’s the perfect blend of European style, functionality, and price. 

There are many reasons why Nardi Outdoor is growing in popularity and changing the game in the outdoor (and indoor) furniture industry, and here’s just a few of them..

Daydream Leisure Furniture

Collections to suit any taste or style

From bright blues and reds to subtle tan and blacks, you will find a colour that suits your area perfectly. Better still? The resin colours last forever, meaning after a summer of sun and a winter of rain and wind, your chairs will be vibrant and ready to handle the next entertainment season. One of our favourite things about Nardi? That you can mix and match the colours and make your setting pop. 

Nardi products are easy to clean & store

Thanks to its waterproof make, you can simply hose off the furniture and wipe them dry. Especially important for commercial areas, you need furniture that’s really easy to maintain and sturdy enough to handle both light and thorough cleaning. The functional design also makes stacking the Nardi chair range a breeze. Need to clear a space between seasons, or the daily pack-up of a cafe? Nardi is the perfect solution. Everything comes partly assembled and/or is stackable, making it both easy to transport and put together. 

It’s cost-effective

Considering the sturdy, long-lasting materials and smart designs, you would expect Nardi to have an expensive price tag attached; but it’s not the case. Nardi is affordable and comes in a mix and match format, so you can get precisely what you need for your space. Extendable tables? Check. Adjustable heights? Check. 

It’s tough and mould resistant

Although the Nardi range is both lightweight and flexible, the resin material is very tough, unlikely to shatter and will take significant damage before breaking. Nardi furniture withstands sun rays, humidity and saline environments; it’s extremely long-lasting. You can leave your furniture exposed to sunlight and water: Nardi’s resin loves them! Nardi’s top-quality resin is batch-dyed and anti-UV treated, meaning the product colours will remain perfectly bright and full, even if they are exposed to outdoor and saline environments for long periods.

Nardi’s material doesn’t absorb water like other plastics and materials, making it perfect for an outside year season after season. Thanks to its water resistance, it won’t mould or otherwise deteriorate in the presence of bacteria, mould or other elements.

Daydream Leisure Furniture

It comes with a 2-year warranty

You can rest assured that all Nardi products have a 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty for defects in materials made during production. This Manufacturing Warranty covers the replacement or repair of any product that has a defect caused by the manufacturing process, that is not the result of normal wear and tear, or a natural characteristic of the material used. 

Last but not least, (and a huge game changer in our opinion)..

Nardi products are 100% RECYCLABLE

Nardi ‘greenly’ manufacturers in the small town of Chiampo, Italy. Nardi uses advanced air injection moulding, which is a clean technology and produces zero emissions into the environment. This method consists of an injection of inert gas together with the plastic mass into the mould, creating a vacuum inside the plastic section. This tactic allows for less material use, making the product lighter while avoiding the formation of sink marks on the surface. 100% recyclable and ecologic, resin furniture can have a second life and become something totally different.

Ready to update your outdoor area? Make sure you consider Nardi. Perfect for indoor and outdoor entertaining, as well as a relaxing poolside retreat; you can’t go past the cost-effective, long-lasting, and stylish range they offer. Come into Noosa or Warana Daydream Leisure Furniture store and see the range for yourself or shop it online today