How to increase low season occupancy rates

Low Season Occupancy

Every resort owner knows that there are constant ebbs and flows in the holiday industry, as the seasons change and the cooler weather returns it brings high vacancy rates with it. So it’s important that every resort owner knows what they can do to increase their low season occupancy rates. Here are our tips! 

Reward Loyal Customers: 

Rewarding your loyal and repeat customers is a great way to decrease vacancies during low occupancy seasons. As a resort owner/manager you should not only be focusing on attracting new guests but maintaining your loyal customers! 

Your loyal customers are one of your best marketing assets so it’s always worth rewarding them with great guest experiences each time they stay at your resort. Ensuring that you continuously reward your loyal customers ensures that they’ll promote your business and provide you with more new bookings. 

We’d recommend utilising this strategy during peak season, to attract the most guests for their next stay. 

Implement seasonal deals:

Everyone loves a good bargain on their holiday including your resort guests! Discounted stays during your low occupancy season is a great tactic for decreasing vacancies. 

Attract more travellers and even locals during your low occupancy seasons by providing discounts. Travellers are always searching for ways to get more bang for their buck, especially in the low season. So, providing discounted rates that are effective and clear can really increase your bookings. 

We’d recommend encouraging your guests to stay longer as they add in their dates. We’d also suggest discounts on group bookings to encourage families and business groups to stay at your resort. 

Organise events:

Events are a consistent way to increase revenue for resorts during low occupancy seasons. Unlike the holiday season, events are something that consistently occur year round making them a reliable way to increase occupancy by up-selling extra services to attendees. 

Always keep an eye out for local events such as gigs, parties and comedy events that could be happening in the area. These are likely to attract guests from fat and wide, which means they are more likely to need a place to stay at your resort if you up-sell effectively. 

Update your furniture:

Low occupancy isn’t always a bad thing! The low seasons give you time to update and prepare your resort for the next influx of guests. What better way to spend your down time than updating the furniture around your resort? Here at Daydream, we can keep your outdoor area looking cohesive and stylish all year around! If you’re looking to invest some time in updating and maintaining your resort furniture this low season, contact our wholesale team via our website or on 5493 4277.

3 tips for creating a family-friendly resort!


Image: eHotelier

With summer coming to an end, now is the perfect time to start thinking about changes you can make to your resort to increase occupancy during the low season. One factor to consider is whether your resort is catering to families with young children. If it’s not, you may be missing out on a large demographic of guests. Developing an atmosphere that attracts families to your resort doesn’t have to be difficult, keep reading for some hot tips for creating a family-friendly resort!

Upgrade your outdoor areas for a family-friendly resort  

Nothing says a great family holiday like the kids spending the whole day splashing around in the pool. From the parent’s perspective, this means relaxing by the pool with a good book while keeping an eye on the kids. Well-kept and functional outdoor spaces are key for creating a family-friendly resort, while still offering an attraction for the grown-ups. Ensure that your pool-area has plenty of sun lounges, such as our Nardi Eden Sunlounge, so parents and kids alike can enjoy your resort’s outdoor areas. 

Focus on excellent customer service 

As with most aspects of the hospitality industry, it all comes down to exceptional customer service. The same is true when it comes to creating a family-friendly resort. Ensuring that parents with young children feel welcome and are taken seriously by staff is essential for adding that wow factor to their stay. This can be as simple as training employees to be attentive to parents’ requests about their children’s allergies and dietary needs to offering suggestions on family-friendly activities in the area. 

Provide alternate dining options

While we all love treating ourselves to dining out when on holidays, feeding a family can become expensive if it means eating at a restaurant for every meal. Providing facilities that allow families to save on eating out can be a big drawcard for parents and can go a long way when creating a family-friendly resort. Consider investing in barbeque areas where your guests can gather for a low-key meal or providing outdoor dining settings for rooms with patios. Just be sure to keep your outdoor furniture in good shape and consistent with the overall style of your resort. If you think your resort’s outdoor furniture is looking a little worse for wear, check out our blog on the benefits of updating your resort’s outdoor furniture

So forget the kids’ corner and overpriced activities, appealing to the family demographic doesn’t always mean a total makeover for your resort. Creating a family-friendly resort can start with changes as small as investing in your outdoor spaces. If you’re inspired to upgrade your resort’s outdoor furniture, get in contact with our wholesale team today via our website or on 5493 4277.

Make your resort stand out this busy season


Image: Netanya Noosa

As a resort owner or manager, it can feel like it’s impossible to make your resort stand out from the hundreds of holiday destinations in coastal towns across South East Queensland. For high occupancy rates and customer retention, focusing on what customers really want from a coastal getaway can help differentiate your resort from its competitors. To keep your resort top of mind and your guests returning year after year, follow these simple tips to make your resort stand out this busy season!  

Make your resorts stand out with beautiful outdoor spaces

Gorgeous outdoor spaces are a must to achieve that relaxed tropical feel that guests are searching for when booking a beach getaway. At Daydream Leisure Furniture, beautiful outdoor spaces are what we do best! Read on to find out how investing in your outdoor spaces can make your resort stand out from the crowd:

1 Functionality comes first 

When booking a family beach getaway, outdoor spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional are a big draw-card. To ensure that your resort stands out, think about investing in some functional additions to your outdoor spaces. This could be as simple as plenty of sun lounges around the pool so parents can relax while watching the kids, to some BBQ areas that offer an alternative to dining out every night. 

 2 Incorporate greenery

There’s nothing that’s more out of place in a coastal town than a grey, concrete building. Create the tropical oasis your guests are looking for by incorporating some greenery and pot plants into the décor of your resort. There are plenty of sturdy indoor plant varieties, such as Peace Lilies or Birds of Paradise, that can help create the right ambiance in your resort with very little maintenance.  

3 Indoor-outdoor-flow 

If any of the rooms in your resort have a patio or outdoor space, ensure that you have the right furniture so your guests can utilise their whole room. A sturdy and stylish outdoor dining set allows your guests to make the most out of their room and our glorious Queensland weather.

Use social media and make your resort stand out

Social media is a great way to highlight your resort’s unique selling points and to keep it top of your customers’ minds when they’re booking their next holiday. Ensure that your resort has a consistent social media presence and encourage your guests to tag your resort’s page. The right decor and furniture can encourage social media engagement from your guests who will want to take photos of your beautifully styled resort.

Stand out with high-quality furniture and decor 

Investing in quality, considered furniture that creates a cohesive look for your whole resort can do wonders. There is nothing worse than booking a stay at a nice resort, being shown to your room and seeing shabby, mismatched furniture. To read more about how furniture uniformity can make your resort stand out and increase occupancy, check out our blog.

There you have it, our top tips to ensure that your resort will stand out from the rest! Looking to upgrade your resort furniture in the New Year? With tailored packages, delivery, and clean-up, Daydream is your one-stop shop for resort furniture. Contact our wholesale team today through our website or on 07 54934277.


Jamaican Beach Hotel Uses Nardi Furniture To Bring Back 1960’s Island Glamour

nardi furniture

If there’s one thing the team at Daydream Leisure Furniture love, it’s our Nardi Outdoor furniture range. With a range of colours, quirky designs and accessories to mix and match with, it’s one of the most popular outdoor furniture ranges on offer! And for good reason. Made from high-quality Italian materials, this Nardi furniture range is a sure hit for businesses in the hospitality industry.

One particular hotel ‘Skylark Negril’ located in the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica, have taken the Nardi Furniture to a whole new level of 1960’s styling. Inspired by an era of interior design where pop art, bubble-gum paint colours and plastic furniture were all the rage. The Nardi Furniture used at this newly renovated resort perfectly complements the oceanfront properties and holiday escapes that most customers expect when checking in to a resort!

So, continue reading on to see how Skylark Negril have used the Nardi Furniture range to successfully build their social media platform and transform their Caribbean hotel into a 1960’s time warp.

Daydream Leisure Furniture
Image: Skylark Negril

How Social Media Has Reshaped Our Ideas on Attractive Design

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have influenced the way businesses are now designing spaces. Previously, interior designers would focus on how space would make a person feel through atmospheric qualities and little priority on how space would photograph. In the year 2019, this has completely changed. Instagram-centred designs, great lighting and coloured features to accommodate the perfect photograph has taken priority.

Skylark Negril have utilised the vibrant colours and mix-n-match qualities of Nardi Furniture to their advantage. Bloggers, influencers and your day-to-day social media users love to share every aspect of their holiday, so creating instagrammable-spaces is incredibly valuable.

Just take one look at the aesthetically pleasing photos on their Instagram where minimalist design meets the retro retreat of Skylark Negril. The Nardi Furniture that you see in the image below is the Nardi ‘Net Relaxer’ chair and Nardi ‘Step’ round table.

Daydream Leisure Furniture
Image: Michael Condran


Nardi Furniture compliments Skylark Negril’s 1960’s inspired style

Interior design in the 1960s was a very exciting era. Following on from the soft pastels and aesthetics intended to evoke wholesome suburban comfort in the previous decade, the ’60s was far more expressive and bolder. Accent pieces and explosions of bright orange, blue, green, yellow and red colours were all the rage.

The Skylark resort was able to achieve the pops of colour using the Nardi Furniture range which complements the wall and floor-ceiling features. Mixing and matching the colours of the furniture to evoke excitement within the space, proves how the resort was successful in achieving a very 1960’s feel.

Take a look at how great the Nardi ‘Lido’ stools looks against the vibrant colours used at the Skylark resort bar. Here you can really see the explosion of colour in full effect.

Daydream Leisure Furniture
Image: Skylark Negril

Nardi Furniture benefits

The Skylark Negril design team were very strategic when choosing Nardi to furnish their resort. The Caribbean climate is not forgiving on outdoor furniture. Much like the hot Australian climate, Skylark Negril furnishings have to withstand strong UV sun rays, humidity and tropical weather.

Nardi’s outdoor furniture range perfectly complements the needs of Skylark Negril’s resort, with all of the furniture made from high quality, long-lasting, water and UV resistant properties. This ensures the rich and vibrant colours continue to look ‘as new’ even years down the track!

Daydream Leisure Furniture
image: Skylark Negril

View the Nardi Furniture range today!

 Visit our two local showrooms today to view the full range of Nardi Furniture in stock! Hotels and resorts between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast can also take advantage of our onsite consultants who can assist you to create the perfect outdoor settings for your guests. For more information, send us an email today or call us on 07 5493 4277 (Warana) or 07 5449 9336 (Noosa).


6 Important Reasons To Update Your Resort’s Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture

With the winter season in full swing, most hotels and resorts are starting to think about the spring and summer seasons, so that they can stay ahead of the competition. Whilst you may be planning a few upgrades before the high season, one of the best improvements you can make is to your outdoor furniture.

In fact, winter is the best time to start planning these updates, so that they can be in place before the high season begins. If you are not convinced that your alfresco furniture needs an upgrade, let’s take a look at six reasons why it’s worth considering it this year.

1. Outdoor furniture and facilities in a resort or hotel are important

The style of your alfresco spaces should reflect the needs of your guests, but they also need to take advantage of the favourable climate and particular setting of your resort or hotel. Many guests love to spend time outdoors, whether they are swimming in the pool, playing tennis, chatting with friends over coffee, or simply reading a book. To gain an edge on the competition, your establishment needs up-to-date outdoor furniture, as this tells your guests that you have their best interests as a priority.

2. Outdoor spaces and leisure activities lower stress and depression

Mental wellness is important to all of us because it can impact on our physical health. Research has shown that participating in recreational activities and spending time in green spaces can significantly improve our emotional well-being, lowering feelings of depression and our stress levels. Ensuring that your resort’s outdoor furniture is both welcoming and inviting, goes a long way to keeping your guests happy.

3. Green spaces improve the quality of our lives

Research has also shown that access to green spaces improves our quality of life, so creating natural outdoor ‘rooms’ where guests can relax close to nature can give your hotel a competitive edge. As importers of quality Italian outdoor furniture that is perfect for the needs of commercial properties, we can help you to select the best alfresco settings and furniture for your guests.

4. Guest expectations continually increase every year

Guest expectations continually increase with many expecting a luxury experience every time they visit a hotel or resort. For more modest establishments, however, these expectations can be a problem, but one area where you can exceed your guest’s expectations is with your outdoor furniture, which can give your guests the luxury they demand. With quality alfresco aluminium and wicker furniture suitable for the commercial market, we can customise your outdoor spaces, regardless of the size of your establishment.

5. Guest’s spend most their time in outdoor spaces

Whilst guests want a luxury feel to their accommodation, they actually spend most of their time outdoors. This means that your outdoor spaces need to be luxurious and inviting, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is with high-quality outdoor furniture. It’s easy to spot a hotel or resort that has skimped on their outdoor spaces, mainly because their alfresco furniture is old and dated, a problem that can be easily remedied before the high season commences.

6. Escaping the heat and anticipating the demand for the upcoming summer!

The Australian summer can be very hot indeed and whilst many guests head to the air-conditioning for relief, many others like to head to the pool or to natural shady spots in the gardens. Upgrading your outdoor furniture in these areas shows your guests that you understand their needs and want them to have a luxury experience, whether they are staying at a large well-known resort or a smaller and more modest establishment.

Hotels and resorts between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast can take advantage of our onsite consultants who will help to create the perfect outdoor settings for their guests. For more information, send us an email today or call us on 07 5493 4277 (Warana) or 07 5449 9336 (Noosa).