About Us

DAYDREAM LEISURE FURNITURE caters for both the DOMESTIC and COMMERCIAL market. Our impressive and large showroom is OPEN 7 DAYS.

As PREFERRED SUPPLIERS TO THE COMMERCIAL MARKET, our representatives service resorts, cafes, clubs, developers, interior decorators and commercial organisations large or small Australia wide. In an age where the furniture industry loosely combines the two words quality and best price, Daydream Leisure Furniture are proud that our quality furniture is one of the most competitive around. Situated in a coastal area, we only sell furniture that will stand the test of time in such harsh climatic conditions. Cheaper furniture cannot be compared to our excellent value for money range. 

Pay significantly less and you can be guaranteed to be buying a far inferior product.

Quality Assured

At Daydream we don’t aim to be the cheapest. We are of the belief that cheap equates to poor quality and inherent problems. We prefer to focus on delivering high quality furniture that is not only great value but also reliable, so you can rest assured your purchase won’t become a problem.

Why Choose Daydream?

Ever wondered what’s going on inside our 1000 square metre outdoor furniture showroom?Welcome to the REAL Daydream Leisure Furniture, where quality trumps a sales pitch every day of the week. You are invited to experience our high level of service from our knowledgeable staff seven days a week. We are a family owned business and we truly care about everyone who steps inside our doors. Having been in the business for over 20 years we understand what it takes to deliver our customers the best experience and the highest quality furniture that lasts, every time.

Mix and Match

Options are key to ensuring you receive EXACTLY what you’re looking for. You are able to mix and match nearly all of our furniture and we are happy to create you a personalised package that suits your needs. Choose a table, chair, colour, size, swap it around, anything that brings your daydreams to life; we are flexible.

Meet Jason and Alana Condon,

Owners of Daydream Leisure Furniture

“There’s a lot more involved than meets the eye, from designing our styles to finding the high quality, cost effective materials. We put our heart and soul into each piece we create and import for our customers, providing the high-quality, long lasting and stylish furniture for both retail and commercial customers.”