Frame Care – ‘Teak’

We know you will want your Teak garden furniture to retain its natural good looks and comfort for many years to come. This furniture is extremely tough and durable. It does not require oiling to maintain durability. However it will weather in colour when exposed to the elements if it remains un oiled.

When weathered, it will turn to a silver/grey colour. Minor natural splitting may occur, but it will not heavily split and crack like more inferior hardwoods if left unoiled. This very minor weathering will not affect the durability of the furniture.

To enhance and preserve the natural wood colour, it is necessary to oil regularly with a recommended oil.

Do not use bleach or apply strong solvents as these can harm the timbers surface.

The Teak used in the manufacturing of this furniture is plantation hardwood from Indonesia. Teak provides the durability, strength and performance required for outdoor furniture. The timber is dried in kilns under close supervision, ensuring that the wood reaches consistent moisture content, which reduces stresses within the timber. This process eliminates many of the problems associated with more inferior, cheaper, timber garden furniture such as warping and twisting.