The benefits of aluminium outdoor furniture


At Daydream, we try not to play favourites. Timber, PVC wicker, or quality resin – we love all outdoor furniture equally! However, we can’t deny the appeal of sturdy, stylish and long-lasting aluminium furniture. With the hottest part of summer coming to an end, now is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy your outdoor spaces. If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor furniture, why not consider aluminium? Read on to find out why we love aluminum outdoor furniture (and why you’ll love it too!). 

 Aluminium furniture is ideal for coastal climates 

 The beauty of aluminium outdoor furniture is that it suits almost any climate due to its anti-rust characteristics. When aluminium is exposed to the elements, it develops an oxide layer, protecting the metal from further damage or corrosion. This makes aluminum furniture perfect for coastal areas that are prone to wild weather where salt air and storms can wreak havoc on our patio settings. 

Strength & durability 

Resistant to cracking, breakages and blemishes, aluminium garden furniture is ideal for busy families as it can withstand both the elements and frequent use. However, not all aluminum furniture is made equal. At Daydream Leisure Furniture, all of the aluminium furniture we stock is internally braced ensuring superior quality and long-lasting strength. We only use durable, sunproof fabrics and stitching so comfort and fashion are never compromised for functionality. From the quality powder coating finish to the high-density polyethylene feet on our chairs, Daydream’s Aluminium furniture is built to last.

Aluminium furniture is affordable

Quality aluminium furniture can last a lifetime, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You will find that stylish, durable aluminium settings are actually very affordable. With an affordable price point, along with its durability, makes it also makes the perfect choice when choosing AirBnb furniture. Read our tips for selecting furniture for your AirBnb to learn more. 

It’s lightweight and functional

Another great feature of aluminium is that it is lightweight and can be easily rearranged in your outdoor spaces. This makes it easy to restyle in your patio, deck or garden and store your furniture when not in use. When it comes to aluminium furniture, lightweight doesn’t mean flimsy. Aluminium furniture has a weighted quality which makes it heavy enough that it will stay put on your patio. This, combined with features such as a frosted glass tabletop, like our Post Leg Glass Dining Table, will keep your outdoor furniture neatly in place while still being light enough to move around. 

Inspired to update your Outdoor furniture? Contact us through our website or chat with our friendly staff in-store to find out more about how aluminium furniture can make the perfect outdoor setting in your home.