Practical ballast weights for cantilever umbrella ballast frames

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Product Information

If purchasing a cantilever umbrella with the intention of using it’s ballast block frame, you will need to weigh this down.

We supply these ‘Concrete Ballast Weights’ for this purpose.  Colour – Grey.

They weigh 25kg each.  A ballast block frame has 4 sections, requiring at least 4 ballast weights.  Please note that depending on the cantilever umbrella size and weight, combined with how windy a situation it will be placed in may mean you may require more than 4 weights.

The recommended total weight of the Ballast for most cantilever umbrella models is 110kg. (This is a guide only as windy situations may require the umbrella to be weighted more than this)



Dimensions & Specifications
Height Width Depth Weight
Concrete Ballast Weights (each) 60mm 470mm 470mm 25kg
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