A specially formulated furniture wax

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Product Information

Using a unique blend of food grade waxes, specially formulated to penetrate porous surfaces such as wood, Max Wax not only penetrates like an oil, but it leaves a deep healthy wax lustre on the surface.

Max Wax creates a long lasting finish which doesn’t collect dust or leave fingermarks, and is incredibly easy to apply!

The special formulation of natural waxes and ingredients in Max Wax means it is not only great for timber, but is also an ideal formulation for other uses as well.

Max wax is great for:-

  • Use as a furniture polish for all timber (natural, oiled or lacquered) furniture
  • Hiding scratches on timber and other surfaces
  • Removing water-marks on timber surfaces
  • Use as a protective coating for exterior furniture (it will retard “greying” and reduce cracking)
  • Raw wood to develop natural grain and colour
  • Outdoor furniture and fencing to prevent Grafitti from sticking!
  • Reviving dull powdercoated outdoor furniture
  • Reviving paint surfaces that look “flat”
  • BBQ’s to remove fat splatter and leave non-cook surfaces clean and bright. (Make it look NEW again!)
  • Revives sun faded resin
  • Cleaning, enhancing and protecting granite, stone and terrazzo surfaces

Also great for:-

  • Cleaning and protecting the interior surfaces of cars such as dashboards.(Doesn’t collect dust like silicones)
  • For leather bags, shoes, briefcases, jackets, saddles, etc. (Maxwax will darken some colours so test a small area first before proceeding)
  • Used as a coating to revive and protect tool surfaces (saw blades, for example)
  • Used as a metal coating to help prevent tarnish of copper, brasses and silver
  • Removing sticky labels from bottles


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