Table Top Care – ‘Glass’

The glass used in our outdoor tables is tempered glass.  Although up to 4 times tougher than normal glass, it is not unbreakable.  Tempered glass should receive the same care as normal glass.  Careless handling or use, may produce damage which may not be immediately visible to the naked eye.

Avoid dropping objects on the glass or placing very hot items directly on the glass, as these actions may weaken it.  Damaged glass may spontaneously shatter if later subject to thermal or mechanical stress.  To avoid glass breakage as well as damage to the table legs, tables should not be dragged to move or reposition them at any time (lift tables to reposition them instead of dragging).

To clean glass, wash down regularly with mild soapy water or commercially available glass cleaner.  Do not leave umbrellas open through table glass when the table is not in use. Umbrellas should always be secured in a solid base to avoid glass / table damage.