4 things to know when buying outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture

The addition of outdoor furniture has the ability to enhance and transform any space from a blank void to a welcoming and inviting atmosphere where people want to spend time. In making this transformation, there are many aspects that should be considered in order to find the right outdoor furniture to suit your space and needs. If the following considerations are made you have the opportunity to bring any outdoor area to life:

1) Functionality and purpose

Outdoor furniture should be stylish as well as functional. Consider how the entire space will be utilised and extra points for multi-functionality. Getting furniture that can also act as a two-for-one is an added bonus. Need more standing space for that party? Now I bet you’re glad you got those chairs that stack. Is it getting colder? Don’t forget that your bench has those blankets stored inside! 

2) Consider both comfort and quality

The two most crucial features of outdoor furniture are comfort and quality. It is essential to obtain the best level of quality that will withhold the elements, but at a reasonable price. However, even the nicest furniture in the world is useless if no one wants to use it. Comfort is key! Be sure to test out any and all furniture like you would a mattress before you purchase it.

3) Choose the right material

Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of materials, including wood, teak, aluminium, and stainless steel. Each material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so researching the right fit is key…and don’t forget to make sure those cushions are waterproof. Choosing the right material for your space can save you possible maintenance and/or repair costs in the future.   

4) Utilise colour

A great way to bring life and character into your space is to utilise colour in your furniture choices. Find vibrant coloured accessories that are an extension of those flowers that you love or purchase that beautiful accent piece you’ve always been dreaming about.   


Whatever outdoor furniture you choose, make sure it fits your needs. Daydream Leisure Furniture has a wide selection of outdoor furniture that can be a great addition to any backyard or commercial space. Check out what we have to offer by contacting us today!


Daydream Leisure Furniture

Jamaican Beach Hotel Uses Nardi Furniture To Bring Back 1960’s Island Glamour

nardi furniture

If there’s one thing the team at Daydream Leisure Furniture love, it’s our Nardi Outdoor furniture range. With a range of colours, quirky designs and accessories to mix and match with, it’s one of the most popular outdoor furniture ranges on offer! And for good reason. Made from high-quality Italian materials, this Nardi furniture range is a sure hit for businesses in the hospitality industry.

One particular hotel ‘Skylark Negril’ located in the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica, have taken the Nardi Furniture to a whole new level of 1960’s styling. Inspired by an era of interior design where pop art, bubble-gum paint colours and plastic furniture were all the rage. The Nardi Furniture used at this newly renovated resort perfectly complements the oceanfront properties and holiday escapes that most customers expect when checking in to a resort!

So, continue reading on to see how Skylark Negril have used the Nardi Furniture range to successfully build their social media platform and transform their Caribbean hotel into a 1960’s time warp.

Daydream Leisure Furniture
Image: Skylark Negril

How Social Media Has Reshaped Our Ideas on Attractive Design

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have influenced the way businesses are now designing spaces. Previously, interior designers would focus on how space would make a person feel through atmospheric qualities and little priority on how space would photograph. In the year 2019, this has completely changed. Instagram-centred designs, great lighting and coloured features to accommodate the perfect photograph has taken priority.

Skylark Negril have utilised the vibrant colours and mix-n-match qualities of Nardi Furniture to their advantage. Bloggers, influencers and your day-to-day social media users love to share every aspect of their holiday, so creating instagrammable-spaces is incredibly valuable.

Just take one look at the aesthetically pleasing photos on their Instagram where minimalist design meets the retro retreat of Skylark Negril. The Nardi Furniture that you see in the image below is the Nardi ‘Net Relaxer’ chair and Nardi ‘Step’ round table.

Daydream Leisure Furniture
Image: Michael Condran


Nardi Furniture compliments Skylark Negril’s 1960’s inspired style

Interior design in the 1960s was a very exciting era. Following on from the soft pastels and aesthetics intended to evoke wholesome suburban comfort in the previous decade, the ’60s was far more expressive and bolder. Accent pieces and explosions of bright orange, blue, green, yellow and red colours were all the rage.

The Skylark resort was able to achieve the pops of colour using the Nardi Furniture range which complements the wall and floor-ceiling features. Mixing and matching the colours of the furniture to evoke excitement within the space, proves how the resort was successful in achieving a very 1960’s feel.

Take a look at how great the Nardi ‘Lido’ stools looks against the vibrant colours used at the Skylark resort bar. Here you can really see the explosion of colour in full effect.

Daydream Leisure Furniture
Image: Skylark Negril

Nardi Furniture benefits

The Skylark Negril design team were very strategic when choosing Nardi to furnish their resort. The Caribbean climate is not forgiving on outdoor furniture. Much like the hot Australian climate, Skylark Negril furnishings have to withstand strong UV sun rays, humidity and tropical weather.

Nardi’s outdoor furniture range perfectly complements the needs of Skylark Negril’s resort, with all of the furniture made from high quality, long-lasting, water and UV resistant properties. This ensures the rich and vibrant colours continue to look ‘as new’ even years down the track!

Daydream Leisure Furniture
image: Skylark Negril

View the Nardi Furniture range today!

 Visit our two local showrooms today to view the full range of Nardi Furniture in stock! Hotels and resorts between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast can also take advantage of our onsite consultants who can assist you to create the perfect outdoor settings for your guests. For more information, send us an email today or call us on 07 5493 4277 (Warana) or 07 5449 9336 (Noosa).


Daydream Leisure Furniture: The Story Behind the Furniture



It recently came to our attention that our customers aren’t completely aware of what goes on behind the scenes at Daydream Leisure Furniture. So, we wanted to take a little time to shed some light on how we source and create the wide range of products available on our website and in our two large showrooms.

Consumers and clients often think that the products on our showroom floor are simply picked and ordered from a catalogue or a showroom somewhere; when in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth.  We have spent 18 years in the furniture business, forming relationships with Chinese manufacturers and European suppliers, ensuring the high-quality or design flexibility are what both we and our customers expect.

Jason and I take such pride in the development and creation of our products, really taking the time to focus on the trends, high-quality materials and designs that our customers appreciate and want.  Throughout the year we are constantly assessing our ranges and asking ourselves; What’s selling? What’s not? Can the less popular items be improved by design, colour or style? We are also always on the lookout for colour ranges and trends that are happening here and overseas so that we can find new and exciting products to offer our customers.

It’s important to remember that some trends or fads are not necessarily what sell; they can be impractical and not built for longevity, especially when dealing with outdoor elements.  This is especially true for our customers living on or near the coast. Anything we develop or decide to introduce to our range requires a lot of research and development to ensure that it will withstand our harsh weather conditions whilst still produced in a quality that meets our standards and delivers value for money for our customers.

We always put our customers first, focusing on quality products that will last a lifetime not just structurally, but because they offer longevity of style with classic, simple and high-quality designs. We also focus on having a strong line of products that can be mixed and match to suit our customers’ sense of style and colour choices. This includes our range of table bases and tops, tables and chairs and more; we believe the customisation and flexibility are what makes creating your space and furniture pieces extra special.

Jason spends countless nights with graph paper designing furniture. I often wonder when we will reach a point that there will be nothing new to design, but, after 18 years, it hasn’t happened yet.  When we decide on a design we like, we send the drawings to our factory and when we arrive to discuss our designs and choose our materials, a sample will be waiting for us. As well as full furniture samples, our relationship with the factory allows us to explore new colour ranges. We often post a Pantene colour or a laminate sample we would like to include in our range to the factory, and shortly after we will receive a sample of powder coated piece of aluminium with a complimenting fabric for us to view. It’s these relationships that allow us to pass such quality and customisation on to our customers.

During our annual visits to our China factory every January, we walk through the factory where the furniture is welded, powder coated, and assembled by hand.  We also watch the wicker weavers hand weaving our furniture, and watch the furniture go through quality control and be boxed up and ready to load on our containers.  We spend time in the sewing section, where the sewers work systematically sewing our cushion covers and slings in our very own exclusive fabric colours and qualities.  It is this hands-on experience that allows us to be involved in the production of our furniture range, that makes us even more passionate about the products we produce and supply for our customers.  It is also very interesting visiting the granite factory where the granite tables are made and also visiting where the granite is sourced.  This is a mind-blowing experience; being surrounded by miles and miles of street lined granite suppliers.   We enjoy every year each new experience that our visit to China provides.

Daydream Leisure Furniture


The appreciation our customers have for the insight, tips and support we provide makes our love for the furniture industry grow each and every year. We are proud of our ever growing range of products for both commercial and residential customers, including tables, chairs, benches, umbrellas, daybeds, outdoor sofas, pool sun lounges, homewares and everything in between.

You can browse our range online, drop by one of our showrooms in Warana and Noosa, or give us a call today to discuss your needs with our experienced team.




Twenty Years of Daydreaming About Leisure Furniture

Jason & Alison - Daydream Leisure Furniture

For well over 30 years now, Daydream Leisure Furniture has been operating on the Sunshine Coast. But for the last 20 years, we have been at the helm of this successful outdoor furniture business, building a retail presence and brand that we are thrilled to call our own. Looking back, we have many fond memories to reminisce on, including the many challenges we have faced from the outset to turn Daydream Leisure Furniture into our ‘dream come true’. In 2017 we are proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary at Daydream Leisure Furniture!

Here is our story…

What would the 40 something Jason and Alana, tell the 20 something Jason and Alana? That is what we are asking ourselves as we celebrate and reflect this year on our 20 years in business at the wheel of our successful outdoor furniture business – Daydream Leisure Furniture. The answer? Whatever wisdoms of caution and calculation we could impart to ourselves 20 years ago wasn’t and shouldn’t have been heeded by a young couple full of ambition.

The hurdles and amount of blood, sweat, and tears which lay ahead of us then, have been navigated and replaced by new ones current and yet to be revealed. Together we agree, that the challenges we have faced and overcome, were the real reason for going into business 20 years ago. We wanted to challenge ourselves; it seems we must like the wind in our face.

Let’s précis the last 20 years – It was 1997 and Daydream Leisure Furniture had already been operating 12 years. While friends were packing their backpacks and travelling, we had other ideas. We found this small, tired, on the way out, outdoor furniture business. A remnant of the glory days of PVC tubular furniture. In real estate terms it would be euphemised as a RENOVATORS DREAM.

Up for the challenge, we were going to save this tired old business. The journey began with just the two of us, a little old showroom of 212 square meters, an old Subaru wagon with a rusty old trailer, and a mezzanine floor above the showroom where we had our very own ‘sweat shop’ that manufactured the PVC tubular furniture (and a fresh box of tissues each day for Alana, as she cried a lot).

Now 20 years later the PVC ovens and generic wholesale sourced product offering has been replaced with approximately 830 square meters of showroom, large warehouses to store in house designed and directly imported products. We now boast two showrooms – Warana and Noosa and a staff of 13. Our tired 1990 Subaru wagon has long since been retired and replaced with a fleet of three commercial vehicles; all kept busy delivering and servicing the Gold Coast to Hervey Bay and beyond. We are happy to say, Alana only cries every second day now.

There is no doubt that we have fostered a strong and loyal retail clientele.  But our commercial/resort focus is what sets us apart. There aren’t many resorts on the Sunshine Coast that don’t feature Daydream Leisure furniture.   In fact, along the East Coast of Australia right up to Port Douglas and down into central New South Wales you can lay by many a resort pool that Daydream Leisure Furniture has furnished. We have also supplied outdoor furniture overseas to establishments in Vanuatu, Bordeaux, Fiji, and beyond.

Being an independent, family owned business has given us the autonomy to make our own decisions and set upon exciting and fruitful new paths. As we reflect, we agree that possibly the biggest directional change was the decision in 2000 to leave the relative safety of a large wholesale sourced brand name and venture into importing our very own style, range, and branded product.

We are incredibly proud of the direction this decision has taken us. Now we confidently import directly from manufacturers around the globe. Although not without its challenges. Becoming direct importers has been the most rewarding step for us. Not only in the personal satisfaction of having our own product, but also in terms of the skills we have had to acquire to achieve this level of business.

Hard work and dedication are the backbone of any successful business. We can and do laugh about the tribulations of having a seven-day business for 20 years. Many late revelous Saturday nights have been spent with the knowledge that tomorrow was a work day. Many public holidays spent at the wheel. Our two teenage boys spent their infant years tucked under a counter in our showroom, but now enjoy the benefits of after school and weekend employment in the family business.

What has made it all worthwhile, is we have met and worked with many wonderful people, had the opportunity to travel, and have engaged in new skills and experiences as well as being able to give back to the community from which we take. We are happy to say that we still wake up everyday keen to get in and work on the next project. Who knows, maybe we have another 20 years in us.

Most people assume that the aim or function of our business is to make money, and indeed this is a necessary facet of it. But what has unfolded for us and is clear after all this time, is that it is the satisfaction, achievements, and challenges that has kept us going.

The advice we would like to give to the 20 something versions of ourselves going into business is; apart from the obvious advice of work hard, offer a good value for money product and/or excellent service. Our strongest message; make the focus on building something you are proud of, because it has your name on it. Daydream Leisure Furniture is our legacy, one we are proud to have our name on!

Fall in love with being outside again – fall in love with the legacy of Daydream Leisure Furniture, because we certainly have and hope to continue for many years to come. Contact our friendly team today and watch your outdoor dreams come to life.


Jason & Alana Condon

Proud Owners of Daydream Leisure Furniture.



Daydream Leisure Furniture Shares the Community Spirit with Ma & Pa Bendall

beach, Ma & Pa Bendall, sunshine coast

What are you doing this Easter long weekend? For many Sunshine Coast locals, Easter is a time for family, chocolate, and the infamous, long-running Ma & Pa Bendall Memorial Surfing Contest. Held this coming week, Friday 14th to Sunday 16th April; Moffat Beach, Caloundra will play host to the 43rd Annual surfing contest. This event is one of the longest running surfing contests in Australia with a total of $15,000 prize money. The Open Divisions’ winner will take home $2,000 thanks to event organisers, sponsors and local Surf Club, Windansea.

As the old story goes… “in 1974 the inaugural ‘Pa’ Bendall Memorial Contest was organised as a mark of respect for Charles Ben (Pa) Bendall. ‘Pa’ is the grandad of surfing in Queensland. He and his wife Marjory (Ma) settled in Caloundra in the 1950’s. There were only a handful of other surfers living locally at the time, and Ma & Pa became the mother and father of surfing on the Sunshine Coast” (Windansea, 2017).

At Daydream Leisure Furniture, we have been involved with the Ma & Pa Bendall Memorial Surfing Contest for the last five years. We love to get involved with Ma & Pa as it is a fabulous local event, organised by selfless locals who put a lot of time and effort into making sure this event is phenomenal, year-on-year. We have such a great local community here on the Sunshine Coast and this event is a prime example of our community’s spirit. Not to mention it is a great surf carnival in honour of Ma & Pa Bendall!

We do our bit by providing furniture for the sponsor’s marquee, and this year we will have our own marquee filled with the popular timber life buoy decor range. We originally started with only a select few life buoy’s that featured the names of local beaches. Now our list of beaches has grown to 26, including:

  • Mooloolaba
  • Dicky Beach
  • Shelly Beach
  • Alexandra Headland
  • Peregian Beach
  • Sunrise Beach
  • Mudjimba
  • Twin Waters
  • Marcus Beach
  • Kings Beach
  • Warana
  • Golden Beach
  • Kawana Island
  • Cotton Tree
  • Coolum
  • Currimundi
  • Maroochydore
  • Pelican Waters
  • Marcoola
  • Wurtulla
  • Moffat Beach
  • Noosa
  • Noosa River
  • Noosa Waters


This year, with the approval of the Ma & Pa Bendall committee, we will have special edition Ma & Pa Bendall life buoys. For every special edition life buoy sold, $10 will be donated back to the contest. Keep an eye out for more beaches being added to the collection soon.

The contest is a memorial to Pa’s enthusiasm for surfing and his efforts in promoting surfing and encouraging the young surfers of Caloundra and surfers worldwide.

Fall in love with being outside again – fall in love with the legacy of Ma & Pa Bendall with Daydream Leisure Furniture. To find out more about the event, Daydream Leisure Furniture’s involvement, and the special edition Ma & Pa Bendall collection, stop by and visit the team at Moffat Beach this Easter long weekend.


2017 Pa & Ma Bendall Memorial Surfing Contest
Fri 14th April 2017 – Sun 16th April 2017
Moffat Beach, Caloundra QLD

Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Furniture

perfect outdoor furniture setting designed-pool escape holiday retreat

Creating a liveable outdoor space is all about finding the right pieces and details to make it feel cosy and comfortable – a personal oasis. Cleverly designed outdoor furniture can bring comfort and function to your backyard patio, balcony, veranda, poolside, or garden. With a spacious table setting, your favourite flowers or pot plants, textiles and homewares to match, a simple brick patio is quickly transformed into a delightful garden hideaway.


When thinking about outdoor furniture, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only thinking about family sized table settings – there is such a wide variety of furniture available to fit any sized space, functionality needs, and comfort criteria. If you have a small apartment with a balcony, introducing the right furnishings can easily take the space from concrete jungle to rooftop bar in a matter of minutes!


We have put together our top tips for choosing the perfect furnishings for your outdoor space. Thoughtful planning (and a touch of interior design know-how) will ensure that your outdoor living space is homely and inviting for years to come.


  1. Make A List

First thing’s first – start planning how you want to use, furnish and decorate your outdoor space by building a list. What kind of furniture do you like? What will the layout be? What materials do you prefer? How will you most likely use the space? How will you decorate the space? Will the ambience be a peaceful escape or an entertainment area? Once you have the answers to these questions and more, you can start curating furniture to match.


  1. Take A Seat

Take a seat and put your feet up before you buy. Comfortable patio furniture, just like interior furniture, will be used regularly. So ensure that it’s comfortable and doesn’t just ‘fit the look’. You will get more use out of the space if your furnishings are comfortable and inviting, rather than just a room focal point.


  1. Choose Easy Care Outdoor Furniture

Use your time relaxing or keeping busy in the garden, not maintaining furniture. Purchase easy-care patio furniture. Aluminium, teak, kwila, polypropylene and all-weather wicker pieces are durable no matter the weather conditions all year long. Furniture made using these materials will look near new for years to come.


  1. Consider Storage Needs

How protected is your outdoor space? Choosing furniture that is made from durable materials will certainly improve the longevity of the piece, but making sure it is protected from the elements will also make a big difference! Storing your setting in the garage, shed, or basement during the off-season when the furniture isn’t in use will keep it protected. If your storage space is limited, look for patio furniture that folds or is easily taken apart for compact storage.


  1. Smart Colour Palette Play

Now when purchasing patio furniture, you are no longer limited to the natural tones. Colourful finishes abound in the world of outdoor furniture. Thanks to the introduction of different materials and finishing types, compounds like resin and polypropylene are now more widely available. For stylish longevity, reserve bold splashes of colour for cushions and accent pieces.


  1. Invest In Quality Furniture

You certainly get what you pay for when you purchase cheap, low-quality outdoor furniture. If you do not invest in your furniture, they can quickly deteriorate when exposed to the elements. Be wise when choosing outdoor furniture –ask lots of questions in store to make sure you are purchasing quality, hardwearing furniture that won’t snap, break, or become brittle.

  1. Versatility Is Key

Get the most out of your space (and your money) by choosing hardworking furniture that is versatile. For example, an ottoman can double as extra seating and bench seats can easily become day beds with soft textiles.


Make your outside space just as beautiful as inside. At Daydream Leisure Furniture we cater to both domestic and commercial furniture needs. No matter what kind of space you have, the purpose of the furniture, or the style you seek, we can help you find the perfect pieces. Contact our friendly team on the Sunshine Coast today, for all your outdoor furniture needs. We would love to help you create your perfect outdoor oasis.

Choosing Your Outdoor Furniture

The Aussie lifestyle revolves around spending time outside.  As much time, effort and money is often invested in creating a private outdoor oasis as is spent decorating their family rooms. We recognise that choosing your outdoor furniture is a big decision.   Ensuring value for money, quality, design, durability to the elements, and of course comfort is essential.   Ensuring one ticks all these boxes can be tricky.

At Daydream Leisure Furniture our aim is to make your decision making process easy.   We understand the gruelling shopping around that people do, searching for their outdoor furniture, whether it’s online or in retail destinations.   So we decided to break down the decision-making process and outline the key aspects you need to consider when making your selection.



Will your outdoor furniture be 100% exposed to the elements or do you have cover?  Either way there are plenty of options available to you, but living in Australia we need to accept the harsh climate that we endure and be sensible in choosing furniture that will withstand the elements.

There are certainly options that will outlast other choices in completely exposed environments.  But if putting outdoor furniture in a covered outdoor area, don’t be fooled into thinking it will not suffer from the elements.  Wind, moisture, salt air, humidity, wildlife, dirt, dust, and small amounts of light exposure definitely have adverse effects on furniture.   You need outdoor furniture for outside.  So remember if you have cover, it does not mean that you can settle for furniture that is not made for the outdoors.



This is an important decision.    Firstly it may be a decision that is influenced by your environment.    Secondly it could be influenced by what loving furry friends you have that may also like to enjoy your outdoor furniture.  Thirdly it may be a compromise between comfort and style.  Lastly but not least you need to consider what it takes to maintain.

At Daydream Leisure Furniture you are spoilt for choice with such a wide variety of outdoor furniture options.   Whatever material you choose, be it Kwila timber, Teak timber, Aluminium, Stainless steel, quality polypropylene/resin, outdoor wicker, concrete, or combinations of all of the above, we want to help you make the best decision.



Deciding how you want to sit, eat, relax, entertain and use your outdoor furniture is paramount.  If you only want to dine then a table and chairs would be sensible.  You may however decide you want to be able to dine, but also create a lounging feel outside.  Some have room for both, but if you don’t have ample room, we have outdoor furniture options that can achieve these 2 scenarios all in one.

We have found that many people are searching for ‘quiet corner’ furniture: furniture they turn to for quiet ‘me’ time.  Daybeds are very popular, but sometimes a bar setting is what individuals are searching for.

What do you want?



It has to fit.  Take the time to measure your area, and take into consideration any hindering features to the area.  You may have an annoying supporting post that is restricting your space. If so, consider this when deciding on size.  Consider door entries, windows, view, outlook, what you want to achieve in the one area, how many people will be realistically utilising the furniture, the list goes on.



This is a very personal decision.  But don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.  Our very experienced staff have some great ideas.



For some this decision should be number one.  Others are not concerned as long as they find what they want.   At Daydream Leisure Furniture our aim is to provide value for money, quality furniture.  Trust in us to help you create an outdoor furniture package that meets your budget.

So there it is, answer all the above questions and together we can find outdoor furniture that you, your family and friends will enjoy many happy memories on. Check out some of the great options we have here or stop by our store on Nicklin Way in Warana today!

The Trend Of Smaller Living Space

Recent times have seen a definite trend toward people buying and building smaller homes.  Big is no longer better.  Whether it’s for financial reasons, diminishing family size, land availability, or the pressures of life creating less time for maintaining a large home.  There is a definite move to more modest living sizes. Village living is popping up in all suburbs.

Once upon a time, village living catered for the elderly only.  But today families of all ages are choosing to live in lifestyle villages, apartments and complexes with communal amenities. They are a wonderful concept, but generally have small outdoor entertaining areas. Having been in the furniture industry for nearly 20 years, this trend has forced us over the past few seasons to evaluate the size of the outdoor furniture products that we import. Here are some of the latest changes we’ve made in the styles and products we import based on trends:


Although they still have their place in the market, and although we still offer a variety of them, extension tables have lost their popularity a little. Customers are regularly searching for tables that are smaller in length and narrower. Where once upon a time a table was 100-120cm wide, we also have specially designed styles ranging between 80-90cm.


Over the past few seasons we have done away with bulky table legs, as corner post legs have become very popular, to enable as many seats as possible to fit around tables.


Although larger chairs still have their place in the market, chair legs have become less splayed and are more upright and simple. Armless chairs are space saving, but while people are chasing smaller, they don’t want to do away with the comfort of an arm. Be assured there are always comfortable, space saving options available.


Whether your family home is large or small, we cater for everything.  Across our Aluminium, Kwila, Teak, Wicker and Polypropylene furniture ranges, we see the need to cater for small to large outdoor entertaining areas. 


Outdoor lounge areas are hugely popular.  But obviously couples and families with small outdoor entertaining areas cannot afford the luxury of both a dining area and a lounging area.   A clever concept to overcome this is to have a deep seat lounge setting that offers a table that you can eat at but also have coffee at.   This is where the concept and creation of a ¾ height table came into existence, providing a multi-use table without compromise.

So if you have or are thinking about downsizing, be assured that we have been pro-active in anticipating these trends and cater for large, expansive outdoor areas down to intimate restricted areas. Check out some of these extensive options here today or visit us in store on Nicklin Way in Warana!