The Trend Of Smaller Living Space

The Trend Of Smaller Living Space | Daydream Leisure Furniture

Recent times have seen a definite trend toward people buying and building smaller homes.  Big is no longer better.  Whether it’s for financial reasons, diminishing family size, land availability, or the pressures of life creating less time for maintaining a large home.  There is a definite move to more modest living sizes. Village living is popping up in all suburbs.

Once upon a time, village living catered for the elderly only.  But today families of all ages are choosing to live in lifestyle villages, apartments and complexes with communal amenities. They are a wonderful concept, but generally have small outdoor entertaining areas. Having been in the furniture industry for nearly 20 years, this trend has forced us over the past few seasons to evaluate the size of the outdoor furniture products that we import. Here are some of the latest changes we’ve made in the styles and products we import based on trends:


Although they still have their place in the market, and although we still offer a variety of them, extension tables have lost their popularity a little. Customers are regularly searching for tables that are smaller in length and narrower. Where once upon a time a table was 100-120cm wide, we also have specially designed styles ranging between 80-90cm.


Over the past few seasons we have done away with bulky table legs, as corner post legs have become very popular, to enable as many seats as possible to fit around tables.


Although larger chairs still have their place in the market, chair legs have become less splayed and are more upright and simple. Armless chairs are space saving, but while people are chasing smaller, they don’t want to do away with the comfort of an arm. Be assured there are always comfortable, space saving options available.


Whether your family home is large or small, we cater for everything.  Across our Aluminium, Kwila, Teak, Wicker and Polypropylene furniture ranges, we see the need to cater for small to large outdoor entertaining areas. 


Outdoor lounge areas are hugely popular.  But obviously couples and families with small outdoor entertaining areas cannot afford the luxury of both a dining area and a lounging area.   A clever concept to overcome this is to have a deep seat lounge setting that offers a table that you can eat at but also have coffee at.   This is where the concept and creation of a ¾ height table came into existence, providing a multi-use table without compromise.

So if you have or are thinking about downsizing, be assured that we have been pro-active in anticipating these trends and cater for large, expansive outdoor areas down to intimate restricted areas. Check out some of these extensive options here today or visit us in store on Nicklin Way in Warana!