Kwila Furniture 101: Maintenance Tips


With the winter months upon us, there is no better time to spruce up our Kwila timber furniture. Kwila timber is a wonderful hardwood, that withstands our very harsh Australian climate, which is why we choose to sell furniture made from this fabulous timber. Due to its durability, stability and natural resistance to splitting, all furniture made from Kwila can remain permanently outdoors in all climates.  However, this doesn’t mean that it may not need a ‘birthday’ every now and then. To help you keep your Kwila furniture looking its best, we have put together the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding maintaining Kwila furniture.


If I want to maintain it’s original rich brown colour, how often should I oil it?

How frequently you need to oil your Kwila furniture, will depend on how much sun and rain it is receiving.   For somebody who has their Kwila furniture underneath a pergola, they would not need to oil their furniture as frequently as somebody who has placed their Kwila furniture directly out in the elements.  The most important thing to remember is to oil it before it starts to weather.  As weathered timber will require sanding before oil is applied.  So to avoid the labour of sanding, ensure that you time your oiling regime.

As every outdoor area varies as to how much exposure to the elements it receives, it is very difficult to recommend an exact oiling regime.   As a general rule of thumb, a very protected Kwila setting may only require oiling once every 12 months.  Where a semi-exposed setting might require every 6 months.  In turn, a 100% exposed setting may require oiling every 3-6 months depending on the combined elements that it is open to.


What’s involved in oiling my Kwila furniture?

Kwila furniture does not require oiling for durability purposes, but it certainly requires oiling if it is outside in the elements and you would prefer to maintain it’s original rich brown colour.  Alternatively left unoiled, it will weather to beautiful silver/grey tones.

Oiling your Kwila furniture does not need to be a laborsome task (if done periodically before the timber shows signs of weathering).  It is just like cleaning the furniture.  As we clean our indoor furniture, consider the oiling process like cleaning.

Use a quality outdoor furniture oil.  We recommend our ‘Kasule Outdoor Furniture oil’.  However, any deck or wooden outdoor furniture oil with a UV stabiliser and anti-fungal additive will be suitable.

Ensure your furniture is dry and free of dirt, wax or other paint products prior to applying.   All you need is a lint free cloth and to simply wipe it on as if you were cleaning the furniture.   Depending on the oil that you use and how dry the timber is, one coat may be sufficient.  However, 2-3 coats may be applied.  Your furniture will possibly be sticky for a day or two, so It’s a good idea to not use until it has dried.


What is involved in restoring weathered Kwila furniture that had weathered to a silver/grey tone?

As already mentioned you do not need to oil your Kwila furniture for durability.  The fact that it has gone grey, does not mean that it is now no good.  It has only lost its original colour due to the elements that it has been continually exposed to.  If you have decided that you prefer the original look, with a little love, you can revive your outdoor furniture to its original rich colour.

Firstly you will need to thoroughly clean and sand back all surfaces.   If it has any mould on it, you will need to use a timber mould cleaner, as this should be removed before sanding and oiling.  To give it a smooth finish it is advisable to give it a good sand and with a fine paper before oiling. After sanding, simply oil your furniture as described previously.


My Kwila furniture has gone mouldy, what should I do?

Kwila furniture does not have a high tendency to mould.  However as with anything, if it is in an outdoor area, that receives very little sun, or that has little ventilation, it is not unheard of.  Like anything your Kwila furniture needs the chance to dry if it gets wet.   If leaves and plant matter is left to sit on your furniture, this can also cause mould. There are plenty of timber mould cleaners on the market.  Use one of these to clean your furniture.

There you have it!  Follow those simple guidelines and your Kwila furniture can not only stand the test of time but will continue to look it’s best while doing so.  If you would like more information on caring for your Kwila furniture, get in touch with our team today.  If you’re looking to upgrade or furnish your outdoor area into an entertaining oasis, come into one of our showrooms, in either Warana or Noosa, or check out our range online here.