How to enjoy your outdoor living area in Winter

Outdoor Area

As the cooler season kicks in, your outdoor living area might not be getting the attention that it deserves! With less and less people opting to snuggle up in the comfort of their homes to escape the chill. What if we told you that the hard work you’ve put into your outdoor area in the warmer months, doesn’t have to go to waste in Winter? We have 5 easy ways you can enjoy your outdoor living space this Winter. 

Add a little sparkle with some fairy lights

Have a little fun with decorating this Winter and invest in some fairy lights! These lights are an inexpensive and easy way to jazz up your outdoor space! From jar string fairy lights to rope lights, there’s plenty of options to choose from. So if you’re looking for a way to make your outdoor space a little more inviting this winter, we’d recommend adding a little sparkle to your space! 

Gather round a fire pit

Looking to spend a little more time outside but can’t stand the cold? The addition of a fire pit to your backyard is a great way to chase away the chill! Not only can a fire pit keep you warm, it also adds a stylish touch to any outdoor area! With a ton of varieties to choose from this accessory can keep you warm throughout Winter so you can take full advantage of your outdoor area. 

Buy some blankets and throws

Blankets and throws are a must-have for keeping warm and cosy! Many of us have our blankets stocked away in the cupboard just waiting for Winter to come. Well it’s here! So get those blankets out and add them to your outdoor lounge. The addition of a blanket helps create a cosy and warm outside area. We’d suggest throwing large cushions to accompany them to add that extra bit of comfort. 

Invest in high quality outdoor furniture 

There’s nothing worse than having your favourite outdoor furniture destroyed by Winter moisture! If your outdoor furniture just isn’t withstanding the elements we’d recommend investing in high quality furniture that’ll last all year long. Our Nardi range is perfect for adding a little colour to your backyard. If colour isn’t what you’re looking for this Winter, we’ve got plenty of other furniture options including aluminium, teak and resin polypropylene.

Here at Daydream, we are passionate about providing stylish and high quality outdoor furniture. Contact our friendly team today or check out our range here.

How to increase low season occupancy rates

Low Season Occupancy

Every resort owner knows that there are constant ebbs and flows in the holiday industry, as the seasons change and the cooler weather returns it brings high vacancy rates with it. So it’s important that every resort owner knows what they can do to increase their low season occupancy rates. Here are our tips! 

Reward Loyal Customers: 

Rewarding your loyal and repeat customers is a great way to decrease vacancies during low occupancy seasons. As a resort owner/manager you should not only be focusing on attracting new guests but maintaining your loyal customers! 

Your loyal customers are one of your best marketing assets so it’s always worth rewarding them with great guest experiences each time they stay at your resort. Ensuring that you continuously reward your loyal customers ensures that they’ll promote your business and provide you with more new bookings. 

We’d recommend utilising this strategy during peak season, to attract the most guests for their next stay. 

Implement seasonal deals:

Everyone loves a good bargain on their holiday including your resort guests! Discounted stays during your low occupancy season is a great tactic for decreasing vacancies. 

Attract more travellers and even locals during your low occupancy seasons by providing discounts. Travellers are always searching for ways to get more bang for their buck, especially in the low season. So, providing discounted rates that are effective and clear can really increase your bookings. 

We’d recommend encouraging your guests to stay longer as they add in their dates. We’d also suggest discounts on group bookings to encourage families and business groups to stay at your resort. 

Organise events:

Events are a consistent way to increase revenue for resorts during low occupancy seasons. Unlike the holiday season, events are something that consistently occur year round making them a reliable way to increase occupancy by up-selling extra services to attendees. 

Always keep an eye out for local events such as gigs, parties and comedy events that could be happening in the area. These are likely to attract guests from fat and wide, which means they are more likely to need a place to stay at your resort if you up-sell effectively. 

Update your furniture:

Low occupancy isn’t always a bad thing! The low seasons give you time to update and prepare your resort for the next influx of guests. What better way to spend your down time than updating the furniture around your resort? Here at Daydream, we can keep your outdoor area looking cohesive and stylish all year around! If you’re looking to invest some time in updating and maintaining your resort furniture this low season, contact our wholesale team via our website or on 5493 4277.

Your Guide to Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

Whether you’ve purchased new outdoor furniture or are looking to breathe life into your existing pieces, maintenance is key! If you want to get the most of your outdoor setting, here is a guide to ensure your furniture looks great all year round.


The best and easiest way to maintain your outdoor timber furniture is with some light cleaning. So, get out your cloths and brushes because the best way to start is by:

  1. Dusting your wood furniture to remove loose dirt
  2. Cleaning using a cloth and water or soapy solution
  3. Rinsing with water
  4. Air drying

To maintain your timber furniture’s colour and ensure it doesn’t weather, we’d suggest applying a water or oil based sealer to help retain its original colour. The amount of weather your timber furniture is getting will dictate how regularly you should apply any finishes. Our team recommends applying Kasule Kwila oil to Kwila furniture. 


Resin/Polypropylene furniture is amongst the easiest of furniture to maintain. This type of furniture borders on being maintenance free but to ensure it stays looking its best, you should: 

  1. Wash it down regularly with mild soapy water
  2. Rinse with fresh water
  3. Wipe over with a clean soft cloth

When cleaning your furniture, avoid abrasive materials or cleaners. If you’re looking to update your outdoor furniture with something low maintenance, take a look at our Nardi range!


Aluminium is a popular material for outdoor furniture because of its durability with little maintenance.  However, this material is susceptible to dirt and weather which means proper cleaning is essential to keep your aluminium setting looking shiny and new. To do this you should:

  1. Clean with a cloth, soap and water (avoid abrasive materials)
  2. Rinsing with water
  3. Drying with a towel

Our team suggests using Max Wax, this is a great product that will help revive and maintain your powder coated aluminium surfaces. 

Outdoor Upholstery

Outdoor upholstery adds an extra level of style and comfort to all outdoor areas. Although, it’s designed to be durable, like anything if not looked after it will deteriorate over time. Cleaning your outdoor Upholstery regularly will ensure that it stays looking like new. We recommend:

  1. Removing the fabric from pillows, cushions etc.
  2. Washing using laundry detergent and water
  3. Submerge fabric and scrub thoroughly
  4. Repeat as needed
  5. Remove excess water and leave fabric out to air dry
  6. Covering when not in use

The best thing about this fabric is that it can be washed by hand or machine!

If you’re struggling with the maintenance of your outdoor furniture or think your outdoor furniture might be past the point of no return, contact us through our website or chat to our friendly staff in-store to find out what we can do for you!

How to design an epic outdoor kitchen


Image: homes to love

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor dining game, transforming your basic barbecue area into a sleek outdoor kitchen can be just the ticket! Whether you consider yourself a meat smoking master or are dreaming of woodfired pizzas at your fingertips, an outdoor kitchen is a great way to spend more time outside and provides a space to gather with family and friends. So, if you’re ready to create the epic outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, keep reading for some hot tips!

Before you throw out the old BBQ, make a plan for your new outdoor kitchen 

Spending a bit of time planning your dream outdoor kitchen before you start designing the space will help you strike the perfect balance between function and style. Before you start designing your kitchen make sure you:

  1. Consider how you want to use your outdoor kitchen

The first thing to consider before you start designing your kitchen is your goals for upgrading the space. Do you envision a few friends gathering on the deck for casual drinks? Are you an avid foodie who loves to cook restaurant-quality meals for a whole tribe? Having a clear vision of how you will use your kitchen will give you a better idea of what kind of appliances you will need and how to best prioritise the limited space. 

2. Nail the functional layout

Once you have decided on what your grand plans for your kitchen are (and have ideally run them by your significant other) it’s time to map out the basic layout of the area. Consider the relationship between your      indoor and outdoor kitchens when designing the layout and position of your appliances accordingly. Will your outdoor kitchen be fully equipped with a range of appliances? Or will you need easy access to your kitchen appliances indoors? Keep in mind that your prep benches, fridge, and barbecue should be in close proximity so you can easily prepare your meals.

Design a kitchen for all seasons

To avoid wild weather ruining your outdoor dinner party, ensure that your kitchen is positioned to be protected from the elements. Whether you need to invest in a canopy or have a sheltered spot in mind, you’ll be grateful that you designed your kitchen to be protected from the wind, rain or scorching summer sun. 

Complete the look beautiful outdoor furniture

More than just a place to grill meat, your new kitchen should be a feature of your home that feels comfortable and inviting. Finishing touches such as furniture and homewares are the key to creating the right ambiance in your outdoor kitchen. From a large dining table that you can gather the whole family around, such as our Teak Tapered Leg Table, or some stylish homewares to add a pop of colour. Whatever you plan to use your outdoor kitchen for, the furnishings you choose can tie the whole space together. 

Whether you’re designing a new luxury kitchen on your deck or are simply looking to refresh your outdoor spaces, Daydream Leisure Furniture is your one-stop-shop for all things outdoor furniture. Visit us in store at our Warana or Noosaville showrooms or contact us through our website.

3 tips for creating a family-friendly resort!


Image: eHotelier

With summer coming to an end, now is the perfect time to start thinking about changes you can make to your resort to increase occupancy during the low season. One factor to consider is whether your resort is catering to families with young children. If it’s not, you may be missing out on a large demographic of guests. Developing an atmosphere that attracts families to your resort doesn’t have to be difficult, keep reading for some hot tips for creating a family-friendly resort!

Upgrade your outdoor areas for a family-friendly resort  

Nothing says a great family holiday like the kids spending the whole day splashing around in the pool. From the parent’s perspective, this means relaxing by the pool with a good book while keeping an eye on the kids. Well-kept and functional outdoor spaces are key for creating a family-friendly resort, while still offering an attraction for the grown-ups. Ensure that your pool-area has plenty of sun lounges, such as our Nardi Eden Sunlounge, so parents and kids alike can enjoy your resort’s outdoor areas. 

Focus on excellent customer service 

As with most aspects of the hospitality industry, it all comes down to exceptional customer service. The same is true when it comes to creating a family-friendly resort. Ensuring that parents with young children feel welcome and are taken seriously by staff is essential for adding that wow factor to their stay. This can be as simple as training employees to be attentive to parents’ requests about their children’s allergies and dietary needs to offering suggestions on family-friendly activities in the area. 

Provide alternate dining options

While we all love treating ourselves to dining out when on holidays, feeding a family can become expensive if it means eating at a restaurant for every meal. Providing facilities that allow families to save on eating out can be a big drawcard for parents and can go a long way when creating a family-friendly resort. Consider investing in barbeque areas where your guests can gather for a low-key meal or providing outdoor dining settings for rooms with patios. Just be sure to keep your outdoor furniture in good shape and consistent with the overall style of your resort. If you think your resort’s outdoor furniture is looking a little worse for wear, check out our blog on the benefits of updating your resort’s outdoor furniture

So forget the kids’ corner and overpriced activities, appealing to the family demographic doesn’t always mean a total makeover for your resort. Creating a family-friendly resort can start with changes as small as investing in your outdoor spaces. If you’re inspired to upgrade your resort’s outdoor furniture, get in contact with our wholesale team today via our website or on 5493 4277.

Make your resort stand out this busy season


Image: Netanya Noosa

As a resort owner or manager, it can feel like it’s impossible to make your resort stand out from the hundreds of holiday destinations in coastal towns across South East Queensland. For high occupancy rates and customer retention, focusing on what customers really want from a coastal getaway can help differentiate your resort from its competitors. To keep your resort top of mind and your guests returning year after year, follow these simple tips to make your resort stand out this busy season!  

Make your resorts stand out with beautiful outdoor spaces

Gorgeous outdoor spaces are a must to achieve that relaxed tropical feel that guests are searching for when booking a beach getaway. At Daydream Leisure Furniture, beautiful outdoor spaces are what we do best! Read on to find out how investing in your outdoor spaces can make your resort stand out from the crowd:

1 Functionality comes first 

When booking a family beach getaway, outdoor spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional are a big draw-card. To ensure that your resort stands out, think about investing in some functional additions to your outdoor spaces. This could be as simple as plenty of sun lounges around the pool so parents can relax while watching the kids, to some BBQ areas that offer an alternative to dining out every night. 

 2 Incorporate greenery

There’s nothing that’s more out of place in a coastal town than a grey, concrete building. Create the tropical oasis your guests are looking for by incorporating some greenery and pot plants into the décor of your resort. There are plenty of sturdy indoor plant varieties, such as Peace Lilies or Birds of Paradise, that can help create the right ambiance in your resort with very little maintenance.  

3 Indoor-outdoor-flow 

If any of the rooms in your resort have a patio or outdoor space, ensure that you have the right furniture so your guests can utilise their whole room. A sturdy and stylish outdoor dining set allows your guests to make the most out of their room and our glorious Queensland weather.

Use social media and make your resort stand out

Social media is a great way to highlight your resort’s unique selling points and to keep it top of your customers’ minds when they’re booking their next holiday. Ensure that your resort has a consistent social media presence and encourage your guests to tag your resort’s page. The right decor and furniture can encourage social media engagement from your guests who will want to take photos of your beautifully styled resort.

Stand out with high-quality furniture and decor 

Investing in quality, considered furniture that creates a cohesive look for your whole resort can do wonders. There is nothing worse than booking a stay at a nice resort, being shown to your room and seeing shabby, mismatched furniture. To read more about how furniture uniformity can make your resort stand out and increase occupancy, check out our blog.

There you have it, our top tips to ensure that your resort will stand out from the rest! Looking to upgrade your resort furniture in the New Year? With tailored packages, delivery, and clean-up, Daydream is your one-stop shop for resort furniture. Contact our wholesale team today through our website or on 07 54934277.


How to bring your backyard to life


Every home needs a great outdoor living space. It’s within these spaces that moments are turned into memories, spending sunny days with the family or long summer nights with friends. Whether big or small, every outdoor area can be transformed into a private oasis, follow these simple tips to bring your backyard to life!

Think outside the pot

Don’t limit yourself to a few random pots and some chairs – get creative and allow your inner designer to come out and play. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be classy. Start simple with greenery, and better yet, natives!

Bring your backyard to life with natives

Australia is home to a range of beautiful flowering plants, trees and scrubs. Here are 3 reasons why you should invest in natives for your outdoor area.

  1. Natives are easy to grow, resilient and can support themselves in the challenging Australian climate. 
  2. Natives support a healthy environment. Unlike introduced species of plants, Aussie natives require less fertilisers and pesticides. This in turn decreases the amount of chemicals absorbed in the soil, water and surrounding environment.  
  3. They saving you time and money! These low maintenance beauties require less attention than other plants.

So if you want to create a space that is beautiful, low-maintenance and will bring wildlife to your backyard, consider investing in some natives for your outdoor spaces. This simple investment is not only great for the environment but will help bring your backyard to life!

Throw some shade 

As we all know, Aussie summers always bring the heat, so don’t forget to throw some shade in your outdoor area. It’s important to remember sun safety so a simple umbrella, like the Timber Freestanding Centrepost, can help beat the heat, provide some well-needed shade, while also adding a neutral tone to complement the lush natives and greenery. 

Pop some colour into your backyard!

Let your artistic flair shine by adding a pop of colour to the outdoor space. It could be as simple as bright pot plants or some cosy cushions. A pop of colour can help break up the neutral tones of your outdoor setting while showcasing your personality. You can keep it simple yet classy with throw cushions or soft furnishing decor. 

Hostess with the mostest 

If your house is the hot spot for family dinners or gatherings with friends, make sure your space can accommodate your loved ones! Beautiful outdoor dining tables and chairs can make or break a space. Whether it be a set or a simple table with mismatched chairs, you’ll be the talk of the table with your stunning layout. 

One of the blessings of living in Australia is the many days of wonderful weather that we get. Investing a little effort into your outdoor space means more time to soak up that glorious Aussie weather with friends and family. 

Unsure of where to start? Contact us today, we would love to help add a pop of colour or throw some shade in your backyard!

Our top tips for choosing the right Airbnb furniture


Generating extra income through renting your investment property, or even just a room in your house through a platform such as Airbnb, can give your savings a nice (and much needed) boost. Not only that, it’s fun! Hosting your space through Airbnb allows you to interact with people from all walks of life. Whether they are from a different part of Australia, or from somewhere much further away; meeting people and experiencing different cultures is what helps us to grow as humans! The key to meeting these people? Having an accommodation offer that draws them in! At Daydream Leisure Furniture, we live and breathe all things comfort, entertaining, and excellent quality, so we thought we would put together a helpful guide to choosing the right furniture for your Airbnb. 

Every space needs furniture, however, it’s important to choose the RIGHT pieces for the room, ensuring they both suit the style and style you want to create, and that the pieces are functional for your guests. Successful Airbnbs often have the perfect balance between “insta-worthy style” and functionality for their guests. While people are booking in for a weekend away or a holiday, they are choosing Airbnb for the luxury of home comforts, which hotels often fall short of providing. 

So, here’s our tips for choosing the right Airbnb furniture for your holiday rental success and “superhost” status…

#1: Think of functionality first

Airbnb options are usually small, be it a bedroom, a studio apartment, a cabin etc., so you want to keep things simple when it comes to ‘stuff’ in the space; remember, you’re going to be cleaning the entire apartment all the time, so don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Every piece of furniture should have a function, and should be dictated by what your clientele need. Do you have business guests? A desk may be important. Do you want to host large groups for entertaining? Be sure to invest in a large dining table and plenty of seating options. Marketing your space as a romantic cabin? Include a fireplace or big two-person bath. And we can’t stress this enough, make sure everything is simple and easy to use/operate, nothing ruins a weekend like a fold out couch that doesn’t do as promised. 

One of the areas people sometimes overlook when furnishing their Airbnb is the outdoor area, and it is the space that can make the biggest impact on your guests’ stay. Everyone loves the ability to entertain outdoors, especially here in sunny Queensland. So be sure to include appropriate (and stylish) furniture that fit the needs of your guests. If there’s just 2-3 people, a coffee table like this one will do, but if you need to host the masses, the Nardi ‘Rio’ Extending Table fits 10 people comfortably, and looks REALLY good doing it. 

#2: Furniture form and how it fits your space.

This is where the style and look of your space comes into play. Do you have a certain aesthetic you want to achieve? Remember, we are all visual creatures, and people will be booking your place based primarily on your photos alone. If you don’t have a strong theme, keep things simple, and you can always add some little touches throughout the decor. Simplicity is key to Airbnb – hey, it even rhymes! 

To summarise, here are three things to consider when buying your Airbnb furniture. 

  1. Buy quality over quantity. Spend a little extra buying solid and good quality furniture and can trust will stand the test of time. No glass top tables; you don’t want things getting broken or worse, someone hurting themselves. 
  2. Opt for stylish pieces where possible. We don’t want to harp on about the “style” of your accommodations, but it really is the key to getting bookings and charging a premium price. 
  3. Consider the upkeep for every piece of furniture you buy. You’ll be cleaning between every guest, and the more efficient the process is, the less stressed you will be. 

If your space was a person, how would you describe it? Is it young and fun, artsy and vintage, or beachy and calm? Try to give your listing a personality as it will help direct the overall purchases and feel for your audience. According to Airbnb, the majority of bookings are made by women, so target your style and imagery at the moms, wives, and girlfriends who will book. 

🌟 Extra Tip 🌟

  • If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the top-rated hosts in your area. Don’t waste too much time trying to reinvent the wheel or create the most unique space possible – you can always refine your space as you get feedback and bookings.

At Daydream Leisure Furniture, we offer much more than just outdoor furniture. We have dining, cafe, bar and lounge settings that will work both indoors and outdoors (or both!). Our high quality range is guaranteed to stand the test of time and is durable enough for any rental accommodation. Talk to our team today to discuss your needs and explore our wide range of colours and styles. 

Keeping your deck fresh: Our expert tips!

Australians have always loved getting outside on the deck for dinner, parties, or a morning coffee; but now, more than ever, we are utilising our backyards with our families as we isolate at home. While we are aware that decks need protecting from the harsh summer sun, you should also be giving your deck some TLC before winter rolls around to ensure it’s protected from the cooler weather.  So whether your outdoor area deals with pets, BBQ’s, exercise, direct sun or more; here’s four steps for keeping your deck looking as fresh as possible! 

Clear your deck area prior to cleaning

To properly clean the deck, make sure you remove everything before you start. This includes BBQ’s, kids play equipment, any tables or seating, etc. It may seem like a lot of effort, but if you do this a few times a year (think seasonally) your deck will thank you for it. Once your deck is clear, inspect it for loose boards, exposed nails or any damage. If there’s any rough areas, you can give them a light sanding, as raised fibres can shorten the life of the coating. 

Give your deck a sweep and scrub

Before you start scrubbing your deck, give it a good sweep. Make sure you get all leaves, debris, and dirt from the surface area, as this will improve the deck’s absorption of the protective oils we apply in step 3. Once the area is clear and swept, we can start the deep clean. Use an approved deck detergent, and brush the area with the liquid and your broom – the bristles will effectively clean between the deck boards. If you have a pressure cleaner, make sure you test a small patch of your deck first, as too much pressure can damage the wood of your deck. Scrub your deck, leave it for 15 minutes, rinse it off with the hose, and wait for it to dry completely before moving onto the next step! 

Apply a protective coating

Now that your deck is clean and fresh, you should apply an oil, stain, or coating to keep it protected from the weather and any damage or warping. This coating will also help to protect your deck from moisture, which can cause rot, mould, and moss – none of which we want in our backyard! Your choice of coating is dependent on the look you want; oil, such as our favourite Kwila Oil, enhances the timbers natural colour, whereas a stain changes the colour, and potentially the style, of your deck. Make sure you do two coats (letting them dry in between) and leave to dry for 2 days before replacing your furniture. 

Keep it clean! 

Lastly, but certainly not least, is to make sure you keep your deck clean. A regular sweep with a soft broom will keep dust, leaves, and debris from building up and creating bigger problems down the track. Need help keeping your outdoor furniture clean, too? Check out our guide on how to clean and care for your patio cushions.


While furnishing your deck isn’t a cleaning requirement, keeping your deck stylish, inviting and functional makes cleaning (and entertaining) a lot more fun! At Daydream Leisure Furniture, we stock an enormous range of timber, aluminium, and resin outdoor furniture settings and accessories that will transform your outdoor area into an entertainers delight. We have two showrooms in Warana and Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, and offer online shopping and one-on-one video consultations – making it easier than ever to improve your space! 


Contact our team today on (07) 5493 4277 or enquire online and let us help you create your dream space today. 

5 tips for styling your balcony with the outdoor furniture specialists


Living in a unit or home with a small balcony as your outdoor space means that you need to get creative! Your best option is to contact outdoor furniture specialists, such as Daydream Leisure Furniture, because we not only have wonderful outdoor furniture stores in Noosa and Warana, but we are also happy to share our design and styling knowledge with our customers.

As outdoor furniture specialists, we can help you to create the perfect relaxing space for your balcony, a place where you can spend quality time with friends and relatives. We have an extensive collection of outdoor furniture on the Sunshine Coast, just waiting to grace your balcony!

However, if you are struggling to put together a design for your balcony and you are looking for some advice, here are five design tips that should get you started.

1.     Take size and proportion into account

If you have a small balcony, you don’t want your furniture to overwhelm the space, but by the same token, you don’t want your furniture to disappear into a large space. It’s all about proportions and the size of your furniture compared to the size of your balcony. If you bring in a few photos and the measurements of your balcony, our outdoor furniture specialists can help you to select the best furniture settings for your needs at one of our Sunshine Coast stores.

2.     Consider the effects of layering

Layering is all about textures and drawing the eye around the space by adding interest. Layering can include rugs, cushions, wall hangings, planters, privacy screens, pots and even creating small defined spaces for reading or dining on your balcony.

3.     Ramp up your style with lighting

Lighting is essential to any outdoor space, but to improve the ambience of your balcony, it’s a great idea to add a selection of lanterns and candles that can be changed to suit your mood. None of these need to be fixed, which is ideal if you are only renting your unit! Consider adding a selection of different lanterns and candles to a small side table or even running a string of lanterns along the side of your balcony to brighten up the space.

4.     Don’t forget vertical spaces

As an outdoor specialist, we know that including vertical spaces in your design is a way to visually increase the size of the space and add extra interest. Consider mirrors, artworks, privacy screens, murals or wall hangings – all in designs and colours that complement your furniture.

5.     Optimise your garden space

Adding greenery to your small balcony is a great way to ground your space in nature, but make sure to select the type of plants that grow well in the environment of your balcony. Examples include grasses and succulents, even a herb garden or a planter filled with agapanthus because they don’t need much attention and look good all year round. You might think that a vertical garden is a good option, but the small pots often don’t provide enough water and nutrients for plants to grow well on balconies.

If you want help selecting the perfect balcony furniture on the Sunshine Coast, don’t hesitate to drop into one of our local furniture stores and chat to one of our outdoor furniture specialists or send us an email. It’s our passion to make your entertaining and living needs a reality.