What to do with your outdoor furniture this Winter?


We may live in a beautiful place where Winter is generally only two weeks of the year, but it’s probably safe to say that when it comes to the cooler times you aren’t using your outdoor area as much as in those warmer months. So, here is what to do with your outdoor setting this Winter:


Store your furniture set

If you have completely written off using your outdoor area during the cooler months, it’s time to clean, cover and store your furniture. Cleaning and covering these lesser-used items during this time will mean that they’re all fresh for when you’re ready to brave the outside again. Additionally, storing your outdoor dining sets either in a shed or garage will mean that it is less likely to have any damage and keep it high quality when it’s time to fire up that BBQ again. 


Outdoor is the new indoor

Spending a bit more leisure time inside? Repurposing your outdoor furniture can help to elevate your indoor space. For example, this could be bringing outdoor cushions inside to bring a splash of colour to your home or bringing in a chair and side table to create a cozy nook. If you have more of a green thumb, you might also try bringing extra pots and plants into your home to create an indoor garden or green room.  


Reposition your outdoor setting

Sometimes Winter means a nice reprieve from the Summer heat. Some would go as far to say it’s finally the perfect weather to sit outside with friends minus the sunburn and sweat.

Get seasonal with your outdoor living space and move tables, chairs, and lounge sets closer to the house. This will not only give you an extension to your indoor living, but you may also be finding yourself enjoying a breath of fresh air more often. Another option is to shelter your garden furniture out of a breezeway or under a covered patio to combat the cooler breeze.

In a location like the Sunshine Coast, these tips will make sure you’re either keeping things in good condition and ready for when that seasonal change comes around or utilising them more than you usually would with some easy modifications to your outdoor arrangements. 


Come and visit us to see how we can help with your furniture needs this Winter.