What your outdoor furniture says about you

outdoor furniture

Are you the bubbly and bright, the sleek modern, the aesthetically pleasing or the cool and edgy kind of patio person? If you’re curious to find out your outdoor furniture personality type, we have the perfect testing criteria for you below: 

Vibrant Furniture = The Inner Artist 

You have a bright, bubbly personality and love entertaining your friends and family. When you’re entertaining, you love trying out new recipes and enjoy having exciting chats with your guests. You decorate your table with colourful flowers and unique glassware and incorporate different textiles, cushions, throws, artwork, lights, and rugs. You also love geometrics and symmetry in your outdoor space and browse online to find fun and unique furniture pieces.  

Aluminium Furniture = The Modern Corporate 

You love the sleek and sophisticated look; you also love a touch of comfort but ensure it doesn’t compromise your style. You incorporate modern elements into your outdoor area like fire pits, LED lights, timber finishes, stone textures and pops of greenery. You serve your guests only the best quality food and beverages whilst entertaining. You browse through home-staging portfolios from top property stylists and enjoy reading home design magazines. You are on-trend. 

Rattan Furniture = The Coastal Bohemian

You’re obsessed with the rattan trend and love incorporating simple yet effective decor into your space, as they say, less is more. The addition of candles, ceramic sculptures, hand-made pottery and neutral flowers are your style. In short, you love those bohemian accents. You enjoy making aesthetically-pleasing drinks and cheese platters for your guests that creates the opportunity for that perfect Instagram photo. You follow aesthetic brands on social media and regularly go shopping to find the most trending pieces. You also incorporate natural materials to provide a contrast in texture and pattern. 

Second-hand Furniture = The Op-Shopper

You love sustainability and the environment. You’re likely a laid-back, edgy person who also likes to entertain. You enjoy antique shopping, going to markets and finding one-of-a-kind pieces to add to your collection, this may also include visiting the odd op-shop or two. You’re passionate about your garden and growing organic fruits and vegetables. You love sharing your organic produce with your friends and family when they come over and making unique dishes that your guests think are divine. Overall,  you sit back, relax and enjoy being outside, soaking up the scenery that you’ve created. 

So, which one are you? Whatever your personality and style, make your outdoor area your own. Daydream Leisure Furniture has a wide selection of outdoor furniture that can be a great addition to your backyard. Check out what we have to offer by contacting us today!