3 tips to make your outdoor area cozy

outdoor area

The ambiance and atmosphere of an outdoor area will change whether and how much you are inclined to use it. Even the smallest addition can make a world of difference when it comes to that seasonal change. We have got you covered from ceiling to floor with these three things you can add to your outdoor living area to make it more inviting this Winter:


Light it up!

Picture this…you’re sitting on your outdoor lounge feeling the warmth of a crackling fire pit on your patio surrounded by twinkling fairy lights and good company. You’re cozy in your favourite jumper with your hands nestled around a hot cup of tea. It’s a novelty that we don’t get to have too often on the Coast, so this is the perfect time to make the most of it.


Wrap it up

Bring your personality to your outdoor space by having blankets and throws at the ready-to-wrap yourself up like a burrito. This along with a rug and extra pillows are a great way to adapt to the cool change! It brings extra warmth and comfort and also provides splashes of vibrant colour to lighten and amplify any area.


Lounge around

There’s a reason why we watch Netflix on couches or curled up in bed instead of on benches and dining chairs, and the reason is comfort. Comfortable seating is not only extremely inviting but is almost guaranteed to have you lounging around for longer with your friends and family than that of its less cushioned counterparts.   


Winter doesn’t have to mean that outside is off-limits. These tips will mean that you are enjoying everything that each season of the year has to offer and doing it in a modern and stylish way. Creating a cozy, comfortable, and lived-in space means you’ll still be wanting to entertain till the late hours of the evening.  


Come and visit us to see how we can help with your furniture needs this Winter.