The Ultimate Guide to planning the perfect picnic for you and your loved one

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A romantic picnic is a great way to make Valentine’s Day special for you and your other half. It’s the perfect way to share bubbles and a cuddle or two. You’ll just need to pick your ideal spot, rock up with a stylish mat and bring your picnic basket filled with your favourite goodies – then all that’ll be left to do is settle in for a golden sunset. 

What to bring on your outdoor picnic

Our favourite time to picnic is late afternoon when the sun’s rays begin to fade, along with the heat of the day. As practised picnickers, our suggestion is to lay an outdoor rug under the cover of a shady tree or tucked up beside the for a little extra shelter and protection, if you decide to go earlier in the day.  

No one likes sand or dust in their food or drinks so make sure you bring a portable picnic table too. The legs unfold easily to make a sturdy table, complete with a pair of wine glass holders and plenty of room for a yummy cheese or antipasto platter too. Just as easy to fold away and carry home, it’s an absolute must for picnics, especially to the most remote romantic spots! 

We all love a picnic, but not the critters that can come join us, so consider one of our fantastic Shooaways too.

Romantic picnic food 

Delicious food and refreshments are a must-have for any picnic! Choose foods that are portable and won’t make a mess at your romantic picnic. Store-bought finger foods like almonds, olives, cured meats, gourmet cheese, and dips like hummus are quick and easy snacks. Bring a wooden board or a platter so you can make your own antipasto or charcuterie plate right there on the spot. Get innovative with heart-shaped pastries as another romantic picnic food option. Fruits like watermelon and strawberries are perfect for a hot summer picnic. A tip from us: Use cookie cutters to cut heart shapes out of them!   

Romantic picnic drinks 

Celebrate your love with a bottle of sparkling champagne! For an afternoon picnic, rosé and white wines are excellent alternatives or perhaps a case of your favourite craft beers for non-wine drinkers. Stay hydrated and bring lots of water, especially if you’ll be spending a lot of time outside in the sun. For a refreshing twist, infuse water with fruits like strawberries and lemon, as well as mint.

Romantic picnic activities & games 

Spending quality time together is the focus of a romantic picnic. This is the ideal moment to enjoy your favourite hobbies together. Going for a romantic walk along the pier or at your favourite park, reading your favourite novels together or playing music to create a more relaxing atmosphere a just a few ways to pass time. You might also enjoy spending the afternoon taking photos and capturing candid memories that will last a lifetime.

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, the thing that matters most is spending quality time with your significant other; and a romantic picnic is a perfect way to do that. At DayDream Leisure furniture we have foldable picnic tables, rugs, and even shooaways to make this Valentine the perfect one for you and your someone special. Visit us in-store or give us a call and one of our furniture experts will be here to assist you.