Why getting a picnic table for your workplace can improve your bottom line


What do we want? Picnic tables in the workplace!  When do we want them? Now!

This chant might be a little excessive, and your employees may not be in the corridor reciting their demands. Still, we aren’t lying when we say that a picnic table could dramatically improve your workplace productivity and the overall well-being of your employees. Not convinced? Let me explain…

More and more companies are realising the benefits that a strong workplace culture can have to both productivity, standard or work and the attendance or health of their employees. While it’s understandable that when buying furniture for your office, an outdoor picnic table wasn’t on the list, we’re about to give you a few good reasons why it’s time to invest! 

Fresh air promotes productivity and creativity. 

It’s no secret that fresh air does wonders for the mind and body, and after long periods in an air-conditioned office – it’s something we all need. Occupational therapists and doctors agree; spending time outdoors during the workday improves productivity. Why mess with science?

Give your employees the perfect spot, where they can step outside, get some fresh and enjoy the sun while they have their lunch. Better yet, a quick coffee catchup with a client, or a morning meeting. This change of scenery and fresh air will have your employees moods up and creative juices flowing well into the morning. 

Best part? Picnic tables (we love this one) are comfortable to work at, and seat up to 6 people comfortably; so nobody needs to miss out! 

They bring the team together

Having a communal outdoor area promotes socialisation between teammates and colleagues, leading to improved working environments and confidence. Workplaces, especially in the corporate world, can come with added stress and competitiveness between workers. Allowing them to form relationships in a more social or relaxed environment will improve communication and teamwork in the boardroom, too!

Furthermore, an important aspect is the socialising between employees and management. Research has shown that if able to connect in a relaxing atmosphere, employees and their superior counterparts are more likely to adopt friendly relations that transfer to the workplace and reduce tensions from day to day. 

Employees and management are more apt to adopt friendly relations when they relax together, out-of-doors during break and mealtimes, reducing the potential for workplace tension and dramas when they go back inside to the daily grind.

Much like the traditional picnic table, the Kwila ‘Picnic Bench’ setting exudes calm, happy vibes no matter where it sits; so we think it would do wonders for your work environment! 

It’s an excellent recruitment perk.

Recruiting good staff is a tough job. These days, it can take more than a salary and position to impress a potential candidate. Corporate culture is high on the priority list, along with free parking, team lunches and more. Creating a fun and positive working environment promises happy staff and lower employee turnover. Win, win! A strong corporate culture, which obviously includes a lunch table in the fresh air, can give a position description a valuable point of difference. 

They are easy to look after

The last thing you want in the corporate world is to think about looking after furniture – we do enough of that at home. Fear not, however, as picnic tables are sturdy, low cost, and low maintenance—all of which saves on cleaning expenses and janitorial work. 

However you look at it, there’s so many reasons to invest in a sturdy, functional, and stylish picnic table for your employees to take a break from the grind and get a breath of fresh air.


Are you convinced? We sure are! And we have plenty of tables at our workplace! So, if you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable table to improve your workplace culture, productivity and aesthetics, come and see our team. We have expansive showrooms in both Noosa and Warana as well as a huge range of stock and information available through our website.