Keep Comfortable & Happy Working From Home: Design A Fresh-Air Outdoor Working Space

Keep Comfortable & Happy Working From Home: Design A Fresh-Air Outdoor Working Space | Daydream Leisure Furniture

Working from home doesn’t need to mean being cooped up indoors. Create yourself a fresh-air office from the comfort of your own verandah or outdoor living space & keep comfortable while working from home. You’ll be surprised at how much your surroundings can impact your mood and emotions.

Sometimes a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air is all you need to reignite your brain & creativity for a productive day. Being outside can help promote a sense of calm & relaxation while providing some much needed space and clarity. 

According to the mental health organisation Talk Space, physical environments directly impact our psychological health, and adjusting your surroundings can dramatically improve your mental health. A study published in 2015 in Environmental Health Perspectives also found that fresher air in the office improved cognitives scores with those tested by 61%, strategy improved by up to 288% and information usage by up to 299%. So setting up a comfortable, fresh air & aesthetically pleasing workspace is almost a no-brainer. 

How to make your work from home space great

Choosing your space

If you have space both inside and outside, setting up both areas for comfort and productivity is ideal. The best indoor working space is one that is comfortable, spacious, uncluttered, quiet and free from distraction. Ensure you have a charging station, and add a pot plant on your desk for air clarity and a mood lift. Make sure you have plenty of light, with as much natural light as possible – selecting a space by the window is ideal.

The best outdoor working space should be all of these things and more. Select somewhere that you have a nice through breeze, shade from the sun and comfortable outdoor furniture to sit on. Ensure you have a nice table or bench to utilise as your desk space. If you have outdoor power supply and safe outdoor power cords nearby, these will help ensure you don’t get interrupted by a low battery. 

Designing your outdoor area

When designing your outdoor working space, the key thing is to ensure that your space is one that makes you feel relaxed & happy to be in. You want an outdoor area that promotes a sense of wellbeing and makes you feel happy and ready to tackle the work that needs to get done. Pick a design and style that complements your home’s interior décor and to your taste – you want to feel great when you walk into this space. 

The must-haves are a comfortable outdoor lounge or sofa and a coffee table, or an outdoor dining table and comfortable outdoor dining chairs. If you have the space, having both an outdoor dining setting & a daybed or sofa will mean you can move around within the space throughout the day.

Next you’ll want to add plenty of outdoor cushions. The icing on your happy & inviting outdoor space are some plant life, decor & accessories – maybe even an outdoor floor rug & a vase of flowers for your tabletop. 

For your outdoor furniture, your best choices are between aluminium, timber and wicker frames, but be sure to select the design and style that complements your home’s interior décor.

Inspiration & resources

If you’re struggling with motivation check out this guide on styling your balcony – with great tips on designing for a small space. You can also browse through our range of stylish & quality outdoor furniture at Daydream Leisure Furniture & find something that inspires you & matches your style. Check out our range of sofa settings & daybeds, tables & chairs as well as outdoor cushions, homewares & accessories – with outdoor furniture delivery available Australia-wide. 

Need help or have questions? Our team at Daydream Leisure Furniture are here to help. Get in touch with us today or check out this guide on choosing your outdoor furniture.