3 tips for creating a family-friendly resort!


Image: eHotelier

With summer coming to an end, now is the perfect time to start thinking about changes you can make to your resort to increase occupancy during the low season. One factor to consider is whether your resort is catering to families with young children. If it’s not, you may be missing out on a large demographic of guests. Developing an atmosphere that attracts families to your resort doesn’t have to be difficult, keep reading for some hot tips for creating a family-friendly resort!

Upgrade your outdoor areas for a family-friendly resort  

Nothing says a great family holiday like the kids spending the whole day splashing around in the pool. From the parent’s perspective, this means relaxing by the pool with a good book while keeping an eye on the kids. Well-kept and functional outdoor spaces are key for creating a family-friendly resort, while still offering an attraction for the grown-ups. Ensure that your pool-area has plenty of sun lounges, such as our Nardi Eden Sunlounge, so parents and kids alike can enjoy your resort’s outdoor areas. 

Focus on excellent customer service 

As with most aspects of the hospitality industry, it all comes down to exceptional customer service. The same is true when it comes to creating a family-friendly resort. Ensuring that parents with young children feel welcome and are taken seriously by staff is essential for adding that wow factor to their stay. This can be as simple as training employees to be attentive to parents’ requests about their children’s allergies and dietary needs to offering suggestions on family-friendly activities in the area. 

Provide alternate dining options

While we all love treating ourselves to dining out when on holidays, feeding a family can become expensive if it means eating at a restaurant for every meal. Providing facilities that allow families to save on eating out can be a big drawcard for parents and can go a long way when creating a family-friendly resort. Consider investing in barbeque areas where your guests can gather for a low-key meal or providing outdoor dining settings for rooms with patios. Just be sure to keep your outdoor furniture in good shape and consistent with the overall style of your resort. If you think your resort’s outdoor furniture is looking a little worse for wear, check out our blog on the benefits of updating your resort’s outdoor furniture

So forget the kids’ corner and overpriced activities, appealing to the family demographic doesn’t always mean a total makeover for your resort. Creating a family-friendly resort can start with changes as small as investing in your outdoor spaces. If you’re inspired to upgrade your resort’s outdoor furniture, get in contact with our wholesale team today via our website or on 5493 4277.