Make your resort stand out this busy season


Image: Netanya Noosa

As a resort owner or manager, it can feel like it’s impossible to make your resort stand out from the hundreds of holiday destinations in coastal towns across South East Queensland. For high occupancy rates and customer retention, focusing on what customers really want from a coastal getaway can help differentiate your resort from its competitors. To keep your resort top of mind and your guests returning year after year, follow these simple tips to make your resort stand out this busy season!  

Make your resorts stand out with beautiful outdoor spaces

Gorgeous outdoor spaces are a must to achieve that relaxed tropical feel that guests are searching for when booking a beach getaway. At Daydream Leisure Furniture, beautiful outdoor spaces are what we do best! Read on to find out how investing in your outdoor spaces can make your resort stand out from the crowd:

1 Functionality comes first 

When booking a family beach getaway, outdoor spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional are a big draw-card. To ensure that your resort stands out, think about investing in some functional additions to your outdoor spaces. This could be as simple as plenty of sun lounges around the pool so parents can relax while watching the kids, to some BBQ areas that offer an alternative to dining out every night. 

 2 Incorporate greenery

There’s nothing that’s more out of place in a coastal town than a grey, concrete building. Create the tropical oasis your guests are looking for by incorporating some greenery and pot plants into the décor of your resort. There are plenty of sturdy indoor plant varieties, such as Peace Lilies or Birds of Paradise, that can help create the right ambiance in your resort with very little maintenance.  

3 Indoor-outdoor-flow 

If any of the rooms in your resort have a patio or outdoor space, ensure that you have the right furniture so your guests can utilise their whole room. A sturdy and stylish outdoor dining set allows your guests to make the most out of their room and our glorious Queensland weather.

Use social media and make your resort stand out

Social media is a great way to highlight your resort’s unique selling points and to keep it top of your customers’ minds when they’re booking their next holiday. Ensure that your resort has a consistent social media presence and encourage your guests to tag your resort’s page. The right decor and furniture can encourage social media engagement from your guests who will want to take photos of your beautifully styled resort.

Stand out with high-quality furniture and decor 

Investing in quality, considered furniture that creates a cohesive look for your whole resort can do wonders. There is nothing worse than booking a stay at a nice resort, being shown to your room and seeing shabby, mismatched furniture. To read more about how furniture uniformity can make your resort stand out and increase occupancy, check out our blog.

There you have it, our top tips to ensure that your resort will stand out from the rest! Looking to upgrade your resort furniture in the New Year? With tailored packages, delivery, and clean-up, Daydream is your one-stop shop for resort furniture. Contact our wholesale team today through our website or on 07 54934277.