The best type of outdoor furniture for your industry

The type of outdoor furniture your business uses can significantly influence your brand, the type of customers you attract and the type of employees that you retain. Choosing the right kind of outdoor furniture for your industry is essential to creating a positive visual impression, maintaining a positive brand influence and developing an attractive and comfortable aesthetic for your customers and employees.


If you’re unsure what kind of outdoor furniture is essential for your business, we’ve put an industry specific list of outdoor furniture you’ll need for your business.


Hotels & Resorts

As a hotel or resort manager, it’s your responsibility to accommodate a variety of different people from different locations! It’s important for you to remember that you’ll need to furnish a number of different spaces around the resort including guest’s balconies and outdoor areas including the pool side. We’d recommend the following outdoor furniture:

  • Dining tables and chairs – Hotels and resorts often have plenty of outdoor space available to guests! Furnishing these spaces creates a place for your guests to enjoy sunsets, eat their meals and hang out. You should consider furniture that’s comfortable and low-maintenance.
  • Lounge chairs or Day beds – Guests are usually at hotels or resorts to relax! Creating an outdoor space where your guests can enjoy cocktails by the pool or just soak up the sun is essential.
  • Umbrellas – Guests can often stay by the poolside for hours at a time. Ensuring there is plenty of shade around will protect them from UV rays!



When choosing outdoor furniture for your restaurant it’s important to remember that your furniture needs to be inviting to customers. The type of food and atmosphere that you’d like to create will determine the type of outdoor furniture you’ll need. When furnishing a restaurant you’ll always need:

  • Tables and chairs – Having outdoor furniture where your customers can enjoy their drinks and meals comfortably is essential!
  • Benches- If your restaurant has an outdoor area that isn’t furnished, that’s wasted potential! Create an attractive area outside with benches and picnic tables. You could also set up lounge chairs for your guests to relax.
  • Umbrellas – If you’re setting up an outdoor area, it’s important to protect your guests from the sun’s harsh rays or any unexpected rain. Umbrellas are a great way to do this!



After spending all day inside the office, during breaks employees can often be found outside enjoying the day! Placing furniture outside your office areas where your employees can have lunch and chat is a great way to increase productivity and boost their mood. We’d recommend the following outdoor  furniture:

  • Picnic tables and chairs – Setting up picnic tables outside the office is a great way to give your employees a place to eat for lunch when the weather is nice! If you’d prefer a more professional look then we’d recommend having outdoor tables and chairs.
  • Umbrellas – If there’s no shade available at your office, umbrellas will be a necessity to protect your employees from the sun or rain.


Here at Daydream, we provide a variety of high quality outdoor furniture suitable for all commercial industries! We can facilitate custom orders and create custom packages to provide stylish and cohesive furniture choices For commercial clients on the Sunshine Coast, we also offer onsite consultations, service and repairs!


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